How to integrate cloud services on Windows and Mac

How to integrate cloud services on Windows and Mac

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integrate cloud services

How to integrate cloud services on Windows and Mac

Do we want to have the main cloud services directly on the PC or on the Mac? Let’s find out how to integrate them in this guide

Increasingly we save files, documents and photos within the cloud space offered by one of the many services available, so you can access the aforementioned with any device and anywhere in the world.

If we were using the cloud service website so far to manage the files, you will be pleased to know that you can integrate cloud services on PCs with Windows and Macs , so as to add, synchronize and download all the files we need without having to open every time the website, enter the login credentials and download the files.

In this guide we will show you how to integrate the most famous cloud services (ie Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive) directly into the operating system, so as to have a folder synchronized with the cloud to be managed as if it were a normal PC folder.

How to integrate Google Drive in Windows and Mac

The cloud service offered by Google is one of the best around, because it offers lots of free space, allows you to view photos saved in the cloud and access shared files with other users in a simple and fast way.

To integrate Google Drive in Windows or Mac we have to do is install the Google Drive client, by downloading the executable available at the link here -> Google Drive .

Click on Download (found under the Personal, Backup and Sync section) to download the client, then we start the installation procedure to integrate Google Drive on your computer.

The icon will be placed on Windows systems in the system bar at the bottom right.

On Mac systems, instead, the program icon will be positioned at the top right, next to the clock icon.

The procedure to access the files saved on the cloud is identical on both systems: we double click on the Drive icon that appears in the system bars, then click on Start, so we can enter the Google login credentials in our possession .

Enter the credentials we will not have to do is choose where to place the synchronized folder managed by the Google Drive client and, when accessed, wait a few minutes (a few hours if the line is slow and / or we have many large files) to see all the files and folders synchronized with the Google cloud.

We do not know where to find the Google Drive folder? We can directly click on the icon in the system tray to quickly open the folder or use the File Manager.

Once the folder is open, we can delete, edit and add files to the cloud with the advantage of automatic synchronization.

How to integrate Dropbox on Windows and on Mac

One of the most famous services in cloud computing is definitely Dropbox, which has been a trailblazer for all other services and is still among the most used in the business.

The space offered is not much, but it is enough to share files, folders and documents (we can expand the available space by purchasing one of the subscriptions offered by Dropbox).

To integrate Dropbox on a Windows PC or Mac we will have to download its official client, available for download from here -> Dropbox Client .

The download will start automatically, with the right installer depending on the operating system used; at the end of the download we start the installer and start installing the Dropbox client.

The client will immediately ask for the login credentials, as shown below.

Once the credentials have been obtained, the client will create the folder to be synchronized on the PC or Mac, automatically placing the icon in the system tray.

On Windows the icon will be on the bottom right.

While on Mac systems the Dropbox icon will be present at the top right, next to the clock icon. Once logged in we can access the Dropbox folder by clicking on the icon in the system tray or by opening the File Manager and selecting the Dropbox folder.

How to integrate OneDrive on Windows and Mac

OneDrive is the cloud service offered by Microsoft for all its users and integrated within the operating systems Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

If we have one of these operating systems we will not have to do anything but look for the OneDrive icon, usually present in the system bar at the bottom right.

If the icon is not present (maybe because in the past we have removed it) we can always access the service by looking in the Start OneDrive menu .

Do we have a PC with Windows 7? We can easily integrate OneDrive by downloading and installing the client available here -> OneDrive for Windows 7 .

We install the client, click on the OneDrive icon that will appear at the bottom right and use the credentials of Microsoft or Outlook to access the folder synchronized with the cloud.

If we have a Mac instead we can integrate OneDrive using the link here -> OneDrive for Mac .

As soon as you open the Mac Store App, click on Get and then click on Install ; the Mac will ask for the Apple ID password to complete the client installation for the cloud service.

At the end of the installation we click on the top right of the OneDrive icon and, in the window that appears, we insert the login credentials of Microsoft or Outlook to synchronize the folder.

How to integrate other cloud services

Those that we have presented are without a doubt the most used cloud services by users, but after the boom of Dropbox there are many other cloud services that can be used on both Windows and Mac.

To install clients you just have to choose the service that suits you from those in this list:

  • Mega
  • Box
  • Nextcloud
  • Seafile

All these services have convenient clients that can be installed on PC with Windows or Mac, so you always have your files and your own synchronized folders.