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How to evaluate the quality of a website: 5 controls that are essential for my parameters

Evaluating the quality of a website is a central step for those involved in marketing. In reality it is a work that embraces different nuances of the profession, not only those who create the product materially and want to have more security once they have posted the blog online .

The control of what you have published is important because you must always give the user the best possible result. But you need to be able to evaluate the quality of a website to work well with content creation . For example, when you mention sources with outgoing links: are you sure you have entered valid hyperlinks? Who are you giving your (precious) links?

This path becomes useful when you work with guest posts, a source of incoming links as long as the blog qualifies as a work worthy of attention. Are you sure it is so? What can you know about the history of this project? I leave you a universal checklist .

Start with the Google site operator :

The first check to get an idea of ​​the general quality of a web project, whether mine or that of a competitor makes no difference, calls into question the search operator site: on Google.

This command forces the Mountain View software into the site in question, returning the pages indexed according to an order of relevance. In this way I can understand:

How many pages Google indexed and get an idea of ​​the content activity.

Which structure was given to organize the contents?

As a rule the first snippet should be the home page. Immediately afterwards, the most linked resources should appear on the site, that is to say the pages of the navigation menu.

With this utility you can evaluate the work on the  title tag and meta description , and understand how the on-page SEO activity has been set up . If you see these Google meta tags edited and dedicated with knowledge of the facts on each page you can give a positive assessment of the work done.

Search for pages with spam terms

CMS and plugins, but also WordPress themes , leave open doors to those who have bad intentions towards you. As a consequence there is the risk of having pages punctuated with spam terms that make anchor text to inappropriate links. This can be a real problem that solves this way:

This solution, which always involves the site operator: allows you to search within that site pages that contain a specific keyword. Use your imagination, take advantage of the spam terms you know and solve the problem immediately if you find any anomaly.

User experience: is it always respected?

If you want to evaluate the quality of the website you have to do immediately 5 important checks that can make the difference today both in terms of SEO optimization and to improve user satisfaction when it lands on your page . I’m talking about inseparable steps like:

Speed ​​of loading of the web page in 3 and 4G.

Optimization for mobile and smart TV devices.

Readability of the font and paragraphs on all browsers.

Presence or absence of intrusive and numerous advertising.

HTTPS on web pages, avoiding mixed content.

People land on your pages and want the resource to load immediately, see well from your smartphone and do not jeopardize personal data. They prefer to read the content well thanks to large fonts and short paragraphs , they love the lists aimed to define the points of a list.

It’s not over here, of course. Users rely on the H2 to understand what you’re up against and the internal menus to move from one point to another. The images can help to deepen , while the intrusive ads become a negative parameter when evaluating the quality of a site.

Use basic and advanced SEO tools

There are a lot of SEO tools to evaluate the quality of a website. Those who can make the difference respond to the names of Semrush and Seozoom that give you the opportunity to consult a history of potential visits and the keywords that are positioned on the search engine. Without forgetting the analysis of the link profile, a decisive aspect to  evaluate the quality of a  website.

Screaming Frog is decisive for having a structural evaluation of a site, such as the presence of alt tags in images and other details related to broken links, Google meta tags , canonical and pages 404. However, I suggest you take a look at, do you know him?

It is the website that turns into a time machine to take a look at what has been a domain in the past. So you can understand if there were any embarrassing experiences on that domain.

Work on the site’s authority

What is the concept to be exploited? Evaluating the quality of the site means moving on the guidelines that Google has repeatedly mentioned through the acronym EAT: every important web page should transpire and xpertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness . Which can be translated with the terms:




Bringing this perspective not only on the single web page but on what concerns your online site I work on clear points that highlight the concept of trust in the brand. What allows you to look at a website and rely on its information?

The pages about me and contacts are there

I trust websites that highlight the identity of the group, of the team. Or of the person behind a project. If there is not this element, the page who we are / who I am , my antennas get up. And there are negative signals that are accentuated when the Contact page is missing. It does not work like that: you need to highlight your identity.

There is a signature behind the blog articles

It is still possible to read some opinions contrary to this passage. By now I ignore the reasons that could push me not to sign the articles, but I’ll tell you this: why should I trust?

Why follow an opinion or a deepening without knowing if the person who wrote the article is on the subject? Perhaps you are reading this article because you have read my name, or maybe not. In any case, from the bio at the end of the post you can understand that I have the right skills.

Always respect your audience

Do you deal with general information? You can talk about everything and do it by organizing the contents in taxonomies. Highlighting the presence of any elements to understand if a post is paid. Do you concentrate on a niche? You work on those contents, and you do it without straining with the topic to capture a little more traffic. Work for your target , not for mass.

Here, too, the rule of fairness is valid: do not allow paid content as editorial choices, the quality of the site is affected. You must always indicate the relationship with the customers.

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Want to evaluate the quality of a website

Analyzing a website to evaluate its quality is a decisive work for those involved in digital marketing. You can not disregard criteria like the ones I have listed, or at least that is my personal opinion. The website needs clear parameters and must put them in plain sight to make your voice heard . Do you agree? Do you want to add something to this list?