Google AdWords and the concept of Quality

Google AdWords and the concept of Quality

Google Adwords is probably the most famous “pay per click” advertising tool in the world. The enormous use of Google’s search engine by users has proclaimed Adwords as one of the fundamental tools for those who want to exploit the advantages of online advertising . Billions of searches for every kind of topic are performed every hour on search engines and being present on the first page of their results becomes fundamental and for each company, in terms of sales, awareness and brand; whether it sells its products online or not.

The AdWords ranking

The Adwords system provides advertisers with a “rewarding” mechanism capable of producing a ranking of the best performing results, making companies pay only for the actual click they receive on their ad . Unlike other forms of advertising, you only pay if the potential customer shows interest in our ad.

But what is the fundamental element, the way Google positions our ad?

The quality score

The key to this whole system is the quality of the content or rather the quality score . Google assigns a quality score to each of our individual ads and compares it with the quality score of the “opposing” ads for the same user searches.

The elements that determine Google’s “quality score” are basically three:

The relevance of the ad relative to the user’s search

The click rate, known as CTR (Click Through Rate)

The destination web page

Let’s look at them in detail.

Each of our announcements must be consistent and connected to the user’s search, at the level of keywords, but above all of context. Google is increasingly improving its ability to understand the semantic meaning of user research through artificial intelligence systems. The announcement must be perfectly suited to the specific research.

The CTR of the announcements also has an important role in the assignment of the quality score. If an ad has a good CTR it means that it can respond appropriately to users’ questions and Google will reward it for it.


Last but not least, the destination web page, or the website on which the user “lands” once they click on our ad. It is therefore essential to  have a well designed and enjoyable website, which offers a positive user experience and has:

Original content, not copied and optimized SEO side

Adaptable and usable pages on every type of device ( responsive website )

Loading speed

Absence of excessive and / or annoying advertising

Presence of “transparent” pages with conditions of use, privacy and protocol information https security

Based on the situation obtained, the quality score will subsequently be compared with the amount for which we are willing to pay and the algorithm will process its ranking.

Adwords is a vast tool with numerous features and opportunities, and relying on people capable of operating with knowledge is fundamental to avoid wasting money unnecessarily on ineffective and unprofitable ads.

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