Find out which portrait resembles us with Google Art Selfie

Find out which portrait resembles us with Google Art Selfie

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Google Art Selfie

Find out which portrait picture you look like with the Google Art Selfie feature in the Google Art and Culture app

The Google application dedicated to museums and works of art has been updated in these days with a fun feature that is impossible not to want to try.

This is the Art Selfie function, which allows you to discover the portrait character in a museum painting to which we resemble the most .
To see which historical character of a portrait looks more like us, then, first of all, download the application Google Arts & Culture , free for Android and iPhone

This app derives directly from the Google Arts Project , the project of cataloging works of art and virtual visits to museums.
The application can then be used to search for works of art, artists, virtual tours, art collections and find all the information you would find on an artistic encyclopedia.

In the application home page you can find the direct link to find Google Art Selfie , which once touched immediately opens the camera to take a selfie.

Once you have taken the selfie, just wait for the photo to be processed and see the results of the portraits that resemble us, sorted according to the percentage detected by artificial intelligence.
The similarity results are 4 or 5 and can be scrolled to the right.

Touching the resembling portrait you can read what work it is and get more details if we are interested, to know the name of the person in the painting and who did it.

Posted By: Web Digital Media Group