Create a successful website: the ultimate guide for top players

Create a Successful Website: The Ultimate Guide for Top Players

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Creating a successful website is extremely simple if you know how to do it . In this post you will discover the best strategies and the most used tools to open  a professional website that produces results . It does not matter if you want to increase your sales, present your services or create your business online … creating a website is absolutely necessary .

Are you ready? It begins!

First I want to do some clarity , listen to me carefully.

open a website In these years we hear a lot about blogging there has been an immoderate use of the word blog 😉

The truth is that today there is no difference between a website and a blog .

A blog is nothing more than a dynamic website, and today all websites are dynamic.

When you create a website you have to update it and fill it with content …  Otherwise, do you know what happens?

It happens that the website dies .

Static sites no longer exist. You can no longer afford to create a website and leave it to itself without updating it from week to week.

So, know that creating a blog or creating a free website, professional or business, means doing exactly the same thing!

There is no technical and procedural difference between creating a website or a blog.

The only differences between blog and website are the fact that – often – a website is intended as a page with the aim of presenting something, while the blog is intended as a website with the function of narrating something.

Depending on the two tasks, different graphic themes are chosen. It’s how much, there is no other difference .

If you want to discover the best strategies to bring your website to success, keep reading .

This article speaks directly to those who have a company, or a business of any kind, and wants to have clarity, once and for all, on how to create turnover through the Internet , constantly month after month for their business. Be it a shop, a manufacturing company or a service agency.

So, if you read you’re an entrepreneur, do not rush through the article quickly but read it carefully to the end because, only by putting these concepts into practice, you can really start to see the internet as a sea from which to catch many beautiful fish , and not as a black hole that sucks up money continuously and unnecessarily.

As you will notice, this article is beautiful longish; in addition, learning these concepts, experimenting with them and verifying that they work, has required a lot of sweat and effort on my part.

So I ask you in return for giving a simple “click” of the mouse to Dario.

It costs you nothing and he will make jumps of joy a.

Create a successful professional website: the user guide

Because I wrote this article.

India is one of the states with the highest prevalence of Small and Micro Enterprises in its economic fabric.

The Small and Micro Enterprises are all those companies constituted by 1 person (like consultants or freelancers) up to a maximum of 50 employees; that is, all those companies that do not have high turnover, have limited revenue, and therefore few economic resources to be able to afford to have within them a department dedicated to communication, marketing and the web .

What does this mean?

This means that, often, decisions relating to these aspects are taken by people who actually deal with (above all) other things and who are not very familiar with the matter. And in addition they have to decide if, and how, to approach the web among 1,000 other matters and responsibilities .

In this way it happens that the holder, or the person in charge, decides which type of company website to do NOT on the basis of their skills but getting back to what is told by the representative on duty , perhaps the one with the best talk among all those that he listened to , and that he managed to convince him that the web agency he represents can do for him.

For this reason, due to decisions taken without having all the necessary skills, misunderstanding of various types and communication problems, companies are found to make investments on the web that , more often than we think , turn out to be real holes in the water or , if we want to see it from an economic point of view, liquidity bleeding from the company funds without any economic return .

In all other cases, if the person in question realizes that he is not 100% sure of what he is about to buy, and has not understood that much about all those strange words that come out every time we talk about the web , simply try to minimize risk by aiming for absolute savings .

He chooses the cheapest proposal and almost certainly will not have a concrete economic return because , for obvious reasons, with a ridiculous budget, a web marketing strategy worthy of the name can not be drawn .

We can therefore conclude that the cases in which a company’s investment in the web satisfies the entrepreneur’s expectations to 100% are, to date, only a minority .

Create a website from scratch that succeeds without losing money … How to solve the problem?

Yes.  How is it that so few companies are interested in setting up a website?

The factor behind this situation is only one : poor knowledge / awareness of the internet and its dynamics on the part of entrepreneurs.

In this article we will fill this “gap” by giving you a compass to move around when you need to talk and make decisions about corporate, dynamic, static, CPC advertising, Google positioning, Facebook advertising, remarketing and other stuffs.

Yes, because all these things are excellent tools, but if you do not have a basic knowledge of how they work, the risk is to use them improperly and without getting results.

This article, with the information it contains, will therefore make you earn some nice money or , at worst, you will still save money and you will not spend unnecessarily.

Are you interested in creating a website for free (or almost)?  Welcome, this is the article for you .

I promise you that it will be a very useful article and, for this reason, if you did not do it before I ask you to thank my friend Dario who is hosting him on his website, leaving him a nice “+1”. Trust me, it will be really happy and you will be too after reading it 🙂

Create a company website for your business: the three categories you need to know.

Web sites can be cataloged in 3 different categories.

The first category is that of the simplest, cheapest and most widespread sites:

Create a “showcase” site. Yes, but what is it?

how much does a blog of an opinion leader gain?A showcase site is basically a website where the company presents itself , the services or products offered, the peculiarities of its service and the contact details to get in touch with the company and the managers of each department.

Often, these sites have sections dedicated to catalogs, photo galleries, price lists, brochures and other information resources about the company and its products / services.

Creating a “showcase” website means garnering an instrument, not marketing, but rather logistics optimization : a series of useful resources are grouped together for those who must interface with the company in question and, thanks to the site, they are simplified communications and the burden of contacts with suppliers and customers is reduced .

To give you an example, I can tell you that a company website that gathers addresses, price lists, catalogs, and other material of this kind greatly simplifies the life of secretaries and agents: when a customer asks for this information, instead of sending an email every time with the resource he needs, agents and secretaries can simply indicate the section on the site that contains it and then the customer who, in total autonomy and without wasting time on your employees , will go to the site to download it.

If then the catalogs or price lists undergo changes, it will not be necessary to re-send them to everyone : it will be sufficient to update the catalog file uploaded on the site and all customers will automatically download the updated catalog.

The showcase sites, then:

  1. They improve the corporate image
  2. They make life easier for secretaries and business
  3. They facilitate communications

The showcase sites simplify the business life a lot, but in most cases (98%, to be clear) are very little effective from the point of view of the sale , that is lacking that factor that allows him to capture visitors and turn them into customers who spend their money on that specific company.

A showcase site is, in fact, like a showcase:

Having a shop with a window does not guarantee sales.

To attract customers in the shop, the window must be set up in a certain way: that is, it must be inviting, beautiful and must be able to catch the eye of passersby.

In addition, a window must be seen : if your window is on a remote country lane where it passes 1 car every half hour, no matter how beautiful and inviting it is, you will certainly not fill the customer store .At the same time, not even a beautiful window and on a busy street guarantees a good flow of customers!

For example, if your shop is a luxury boutique, you will have to place your window in places frequented by wealthy people, because if you are in any industrial city without tourists, and inhabited by workers and employees, you will not succeed .

As you may have guessed from this trivial example, what you need for a site to generate sales is a mix of factors, and to get the right mix that generates turnover through the internet you have to take another type of site:

“Commercial” sites

This second type of website differs from the “showcase sites” for their main function that is NOT only to present the company and provide useful resources but, as the name implies, they are designed and updated continuously to obtain high-performance results from the point view of their ability to generate revenue .

What is the use of creating a “commercial” website?

Simple, attracting the right visitors , that is, those who can really be interested in the product or service that the company produces .

In fact, what really matters is not the absolute value of the number of visitors a site has but the “quality” of these visitors .

For example: if a company produces luxury furniture it is useless to invest in advertising that attracts the same users of the Ikea site, because those who visit the Ikea site tend to be a person looking for cheap and not too exclusive furnishings, while the company in question only those visitors who look for the opposite of the first ones are needed.

A commercial website makes the visitor the right path : from the internet to the door of your company .

What does it mean? It means that, often, people do not buy from a company after seeing his site for various reasons : because they find too much information , or too few, or find them arranged in a disorderly way .

So, for a site to be able to transform as many visitors as possible into real customers, you need to give the right amount of information , explained in the most appropriate way to the type of audience that we intend to capture , and (this is crucial) convince them to take action : asking for a quote, buying something or booking a presale are excellent examples.

In this type of websites, it is difficult to find a single page dedicated to a single product or service. Often, the same product / service is presented in different pages, each with different contents, texts, images and call to action depending on the audience that wants to capture.

Let’s take an example by pretending that you have a company that produces orthopedic mattresses that work wonders to heal those suffering from back pain. Let’s pretend this product is called “SaluteMat”.

In your case, your site should provide that different types of visitors will arrive and set up web pages that, even if they are the same product, do it in different ways and for different purposes.

Specifically, we can give an example distinguishing two cases:

Who already knows your company and your product , and find you by searching on Google “mattresses salutemat”: looking for you because you are probably interested in buying the product and then you will need to prepare a web page where you will find the price list and a function to perform purchase order directly online (before interest passes!); at most, if you do not want to make the sale online, you will provide the form to immediately fix an appointment with a salesman who will meet him in the days immediately following and will help him to complete the contract.

Who does not know you , and maybe find you looking on Google “how to prevent back pain” or why he saw your banner advertising on Facebook that promised to provide a solution to prevent back pain: in this case, it is people who do not know your product and your company, and look for general information about their problem. Will users be prepared for immediate purchase through the site? 99% of cases, no! What you need to do, in this case, is give him the right information to intrigue the user and convince him to set a sales appointment in which one of your agent will talk better about the product and close the sale.

Note: these are two examples. There could be many more, but this does not want to be a scientific study but a simplification that helps you understand the concept: each type of user is welcomed on the site in the most appropriate to its specific needs.

The secret to the success of a commercial site is that, to perform its task well, it has a good number of visitors.

  • Create a website and bring visitors to it. Yes, but how?
  • Giving him visibility of course.
  • How do you get visibility? In many ways.
  • The two most used are Google and Facebook.

The important thing to know is that Google and Facebook are very different from each other , and very different are the types of visitors that bring you . The thing they have in common, however, is that to work both require investment.

In order not to risk that some readers of this article waste money using one of them, or both, in an improper way we will talk briefly.

How Google works

People who have a problem write it on Google, and Google gives it a series of sites that promise to solve that problem .

The kind of problem that people want to solve, is intercepted through the ” keywords ” searched by people on Google.

This type of research represents the so-called “conscious demand” of the market .

For this reason, it is very important, indeed, fundamental that when you decide on which keywords to make visible on Google, you choose the right ones.

Taking up the example above, anyone looking on Google “how to prevent back pain” does not have the same problem as those looking for “how to cure back pain”!

In the first case, they are probably people who have suffered from backache and are looking for something that will not let them return in the future; so these are excellent contacts for you that sell mattresses that work in the long term.

In the second case , however, most likely they are people who have back pain at the precise moment in which they write, so they look for a medicine or something that makes them heal from back pain NOW, and not after 2 months.

For this reason, this kind of public, for you that you sell mattresses would be ” off target “; that is, it is not looking for what you are promoting on your site and it would be practically useless, in the case of the example, to invest in this keyword .

Another key factor in the success of a site’s ranking on Google is that the keywords for which you position yourself are searched by people.

If a certain combination of terms is not sought by anyone, it is useless to be first in those searches.


How Facebook works

The facebook page for your business or store Facebook works unlike Google.

Those with a problem do not search for it through Facebook. But those who are on Facebook certainly have unresolved problems. The so-called ” latent question “.

What does it mean?

It means that a person who is on Facebook may have suffered from back pain in the previous months, and probably would like to avoid suffering back pain in the future, but not being an urgent problem in the “here and now” it worries too much.

Or maybe, in some cases, the person thinks that there is no solution that can prevent it and therefore does not bother to seek information about it.

If, however, while he surfs quietly on Facebook, he finds before his eyes an appealing announcement that promises to prevent back pain, TAC! A light bulb in his brain lights up:

“Well, let’s see what is stuff … Since two months ago I was nailed to bed with back pain maybe it can help me to make it do not happen anymore”.

The user clicks on the Facebook ad, ends up on your site, on your site is well informed about the properties of your product and, if you have stimulated enough, will make an appointment with a commercial and will probably buy .

It is a customer who, without this interception of his latent demand through the Facebook ad, you could never catch!

At this point it remains one thing to ask:

Create a website and convince visitors to do what we want. (That’s how)

To convince visitors of the validity of your product, the quality of your business, and the efficiency of your service, you need two things:

Number- 1

A person who knows how and what to say to visitors not to frighten them in front of a page full of text , and without running away from the site after 20 seconds, and who can stimulate them to convince them to contact you or buy.

Number- 2

To create a website with attractive and sales-oriented web pages: the so-called “landing pages”. To find out what a landing page is and how to make a pleasant and well-structured one

To conclude, therefore, we can say that the commercial sites are good machines that ” generate revenue ” .

There is one last observation to be made; that is, statistically, acquiring a new customer costs, in terms of marketing, 10 times more than making a sale to a customer who has already bought from you in the past .

Acquiring a new customer costs 10 times more than selling to a customer who has already bought

For this reason, one thing that should not be missed is the use of your company website to retain customers and continue and sell your product or service , or its variants, doing the so-called “upselling”.

This goal is reached mainly through two components of a website : the company blog and the newsletter.

The guide to become the idol of your customers and make them buy more and more often.

To be able to make more sales over time to your customers, and sell for ever-increasing amounts, you must have the trust of your customers .

The easiest way to gain the trust of your customers is to keep in touch with them constantly, providing them with useful and valuable information from time to time .

In this way, apart from occasionally reminding you of the name of your company and what you do, they will be able to savor your “knowledge” and you will become an increasingly authoritative figure in their eyes .

On this subject, in order to be able to fully dissect it, it would be necessary to open a debate over many years.

In any case, right now, you have the huge fortune to read this article on the blog of one of the greatest experts in the field

At this point, it should be noted : not all of your customers will periodically read your blog and devour your content. Probably most of them, after having looked at it quickly, will forget it .

For this reason, it is essential that you yourself to divert your customers to your blog in an elegant and professional way . At the same time, you must also ensure that even those who will not read your blog can still read your content.

You can reach this goal by creating your own newsletter, in your name or in the name of your company.

The only really important aspect of creating a newsletter is that it is not enough to create it from a technical point of view. In fact, it is much more important that the emails you send to your customers have the right content to be considered:

  • Interesting
  • Worth
  • Useful

If even one of these factors is missing, I guarantee you by experience, people will cancel themselves from the newsletter and its magical power to “generate revenue” will be practically nil.

In conclusion, creating a successful website requires careful planning and execution. From choosing the right domain name to designing an attractive layout and optimizing for search engines, every step plays a crucial role in attracting and engaging visitors. By following the ultimate guide provided here, top players can ensure that their websites stand out from the competition and achieve their desired goals. So why wait? Take action now and start building your successful website today!

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