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Best Web hosting and Development where to upload a site:

Best Free Hosting Server for websites, to be used as an online space where to upload your site and publish it on the internet

hosting sites for free Starting a website has never been easier today, not only because there are applications to create websites easily , without needing to know the HTML code, but also because there are free online spaces that can be used as web hosting to host their site files. Free web hosting services have come a long way in recent years and some of them have everything they need to start up their own website without spending a penny and without having to program code.

A Web Hosting is, in rough words, a data space where the web pages are stored and all the files that compose it therefore also the images, the scripts, the codes, the documents and so on. Usually, to publish a site it must be reachable from all over the world, you must pay this service to an external company that guarantees 24-hour availability on the internet, the speed of loading the site and the availability of files uploaded by Worldwide.

Many web hosting services offer clean interfaces with drag-and-drop features that make it easy to publish a site with any content in it, in order to launch an online activity, promote a brand or simply have a place to vent your thoughts. In this article we therefore see the best free web hosting service.

The best web hosting for a Word press site or blog

The best hosting websites that offer free internet space to open a complete website are:

1) Infinity Free

Infinity Free offers a storage space with unlimited and free bandwidth. It also includes advanced and always free features, such as SSL certification for all plans, the Cloud Flare CDN, My SQL database and much more. The free plan limitations of this hosting service are on the types of files that can be uploaded online, thus making it impossible, for example, to create a site from which to download videos and music.

2) Word Press is one of the best places on the internet to host a website for free. With Word press you can create any type of website and if you choose the free plan you can make free use of the WordPress CMS already perfectly configured and ready for use, with 3 GB of memory to save files and 3 GB of bandwidth per month. is the official website of the company that develops the WordPress software (which is open source and free for all, but still requires being hosted on a web server) and includes advanced publishing tools, a clean interface, SEO plugins and many features to do anything. WordPress is not as easy to use as Wix and Weebly (because in any case some HTML needs to be known), but it remains very solid and an optimal choice for those who just want to create a blog.

3) 000webhost

000webhost is a pure web hosting service, at no cost with PHP, My SQL, cPanel and no advertising included. In practice it works like the most professional web hosting without having to spend anything. The limits are only in the storage space that is 5 GB and in the bandwidth, 10 GB a month.

Wanting to go beyond these limits you can pay a subscription that costs very little, starting from 1 Euro a month.

The main flaw lies in the poor customer support service in case you encounter any problems, but otherwise it is an excellent choice.

4) FreeHostia

Freehostia allows you to use 250 MB as disk space and 6 GB of bandwidth per month, faster than other free web hosting services. also offers a very easy-to-use e-commerce creator to start an online store and a web builder with many free ready templates.

The main reason for recommending is its exceptional customer service, at least according to the reviews I found, with 24/7 support.

5) X10Hosting

x10Hosting is one of the best and most reliable free hosting services, compatible with every CMS platform (including WordPress, Joomla and others) that can be loaded on the server and with the latest versions of cPanel, PHP and MySQL already included. The site also provides free templates for designing the site and unlimited bandwidth, with the limit of 1 GB of hosting space. The company also offers a premium paid service with multiple publishing tools, SSL certificates, dedicated IP addresses and other advanced features starting at $ 3.95 a month.

6) FreeHosting offers 10 GB of free space to upload websites, with multilingual cPanel hosting controls and My SQL database. Although they give rather low speed to free users, compensates with website creation features, free templates to choose from and customer service always ready.

The basic package is free, but you can add options like SSL certification, sub domains, additional email accounts and other things.

7) Wix is one of the best, easiest and most advanced web builders, 100% free to start a website. As web hosting it offers a space of 500 MB in which to save files (with a bandwidth of 500MB per month).

With, creating a website has never been easier thanks to the drag-and-drop functionality of every single element on the web pages. Wix is ​​perfect for small sites and requires no technical expertise on websites to be used.

Build the site with web apps in HTML5 including commercial or a store with Wix

8) WeeBly

Weebly is one of the best online services to create websites quickly and easily, with the drag and drop of the elements to build each page as you wish. The free account web hosting service has unlimited bandwidth with a limit of 500 MB of storage space for site files, without ads. Weebly also has hundreds of free, easy-to-use templates and allows you to customize each site using HTML and CSS.

9) GoogieHost

Googiehost offers the possibility to quickly open websites for free, with a storage space of 1 GB and an almost unlimited monthly bandwidth (100 GB). There is no advertising on the sites, you can install a free CMS program, you can choose between different professional-looking models, you can activate the HTTPS certificate (SSL) and there is an email box with antispam protection and SEO tools to grow your website.

Although the service is free, it is not open to anyone and you must be accepted giving the right reasons to use it. Obviously, if you pay, they are all accepted and the price starts at $ 5 a month.

10) Byet Host

Byet host advertises itself as the fastest free hosting service, which also has unlimited storage space and lots of bandwidth for site visits and file downloads. Without advertising, you can take advantage of a free FTP service, an updated version of PHP and MySQL, the possibility of using a Script Installer to install WordPress, Zen-Cart, Joomla and other popular CMS, https for all sites.

 Other very popular free hosting services are :

  • Award Space offers free hosting with 1 GB of memory and 5 GB of bandwidth per month.
  • Host-Ed allows files up to 1 GB and 10 GB of monthly transfer data to be stored on their free space, with My SQL database and 3 domains.
  • Altervista , the number one Italian hosting company to create websites. It offers 15 GB of monthly bandwidth which can become unlimited if you agree to host banner ads on the site. With My SQL and PHP, you can also open a WordPress blog ready with Altervista.

As seen, you can also take advantage of Dropbox as free hosting or Google Drive to publish web pages .

Consider then that to open a normal blog you can use many other free platforms like of Google which has no bandwidth limit even if it does not offer a space to upload files.