Magento is a professional e-commerce platform with an open source license, launched in 2008, which allows merchants to create their own online store, giving them a lot of flexibility and extreme control over the look, content and functionality of their site, suitable for any type of activity you are managing. This platform is therefore mainly used by entrepreneurs who engage in online businesses, who turn to Magento to literally set up their online store, also offering dedicated hosting. The first thing to do, indeed the second after choosing what to base your business on, is to look for ways to make your template appealing .

Here Magento comes into play, as in addition to offering commercial consultancy and web marketing, the platform makes available, upon payment, an endless series of templates dedicated to your online business. In this article we will focus on the themes that the platform makes available to the customer, in order to be able to donate the style you prefer to your online store. For every activity there is certainly the template that is right for you, this is because any merchant must keep in mind that the image today is everything, so in a site the look is important because it represents the way in which it will appear then in the eyes of a possible buyer and, certainly, an appealing look helps the sales possibilities and the promotional power of the site.such as WordPress . We therefore see the best templates offered by Magento.

Track on the best templates and themes for Magento


Perfectum is universal and responsive, suitable for all types of online activities if you would like to donate a modern style to your online store. The navigation panel of this template is extremely versatile and easy to use and navigate, containing multiple theme configuration options, so you can change many aspects depending on your personal taste. It is therefore possible to manage the font of the writing, with over 500 types of fonts at its disposal, the background of the pattern and also to apply different effects. It has been realized with the most modern technology: HTML5 and CSS3 and also including the AJAX system. Everything will be in your hands with this powerful and revolutionary template, also integrated with a sliding image or video system, which supports any format.


Extremely clear theme and easy to customize, given the possibility of being able to change everything, from the color to the character used, up to the background. Many new features have been implemented with respect to the other templates, such as a powerful slideshow or the possibility of inserting the most popular product in the homepage and, moreover, a scrolling of the products visible in miniature images.

In addition to this there are all the virtual buttons that refer to your online contacts: Facebook, Twitter and so on. This theme is suitable for any activity, even heavy and even if it requires the use of many languages, especially for the sale of flowers, clothes, furniture or whatever.


Refined and, as its name suggests, minimal, characterized by the purity of white that gives brightness, elegance and a sense of something untouched with timeless design. The homepage of the system provides an image scrolling system, 4 photographs at a time, so as to give you the choice on how to show your product, thanks to the jQuery of Java, which gives versatility and the possibility of making the own site or, in this case, online store. In addition, all the pages you need to structure the site are obviously present. Important is the integration of the Lightbox Gallery function on the product pages. Very recommended for those who sell elegant clothes, for example for weddings, or those who sell jewelry.


“Crisp and Clean”, in Indian “fresh and clean”. This is the simplest and most elegant template that Magento offers its customers, with a clearness of navigation that it gives, both to the merchant and to the buyer, what the title already suggests to us, namely a fresh and clean interface. So don’t expect styles or subtleties that tend to amaze the visitor with the astonishing effect, here the wonder will be given by simplicity and immediacy. The Homepage immediately offers us two scrolling image galleries, so as to intrigue the viewer. The Homepage will therefore be an opportunity to showcase your products in an artistic and completely natural way.