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Artificial Intelligence and eCommerce: how to choose the most suitable tool?

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Is Artificial Intelligence only for large companies?

On the occasion of the fifth “State of Marketing ” report, Salesforce interviewed over 4100 Marketing leaders worldwide, from companies of all sizes and industries, regarding budget allocation and investment prospects in the coming years. Research has shown that AI is the highest planned technological investment. The application of Artificial Intelligence to the eCommerce world is therefore not limited to large companies or those with a high budget allocated to innovation.

What can Artificial Intelligence do for your eCommerce?

Salesforce’s research has shown that the personalization of content and user experience is the key to achieving all Marketing objectives including brand building, lead generation and acquisition of new customers. Thanks to Big Data processing, Artificial Intelligence allows Markers to better identify customers and involve them with truly relevant initiatives.

Most marketers today use AI to enhance offers in real time and to develop appropriate predictive marketing strategies. By 2020, this technology is expected to be essential for customizing the customer journey and creating dynamic content on its websites and eCommerce.

Why is it worth investing in Artificial Intelligence?

As highlighted in the previous paragraphs, the Artificial Intelligence tools allow you to customize the eCommerce user experience and allow Marketer to develop better predictive marketing strategies . Additional pluses to consider are the relatively low costs and time for implementation: the Artificial Intelligence specialists, in fact, develop the various tools and market them as App or SaaS (Software as a Service) ready for use.

Artificial Intelligence Tool for eCommerce: 3 fundamental questions

If you are considering the idea of ​​investing in Artificial Intelligence, before researching the available tools it is good to start from the analysis of the state of the art of eCommerce and then evaluate only the implementation of solutions that allow to achieve business objectives more effectively and efficiently.

Are there any obsolete technologies you want to replace or upgrade?

If your eCommerce has grown over the past few years, an update of the implemented technologies may be necessary. Email marketing is a perfect example: if you proceed with mass mailings to your customers or if you segment your customer base manually, you could evaluate the implementation of a segmentation tool based on Artificial Intelligence. This technology allows the automatic sending of emails based on user behavior or purchase history.

Want to improve your upsell and cross-sell strategies?

If you are satisfied with your eCommerce infrastructure, but wish to enhance upsell and cross-sell strategies, Artificial Intelligence could be the solution to consider. Thanks to the data-based approach, the AI ​​makes it possible to obtain punctual insights derived from order history and research intent, factors that can be exploited to anticipate future purchase choices.

How will you measure the success of your investment in Artificial Intelligence?

To understand if investing in Artificial Intelligence was a wise idea, it is essential to establish an ROI and set deadlines where you expect to see improvements. Let’s consider again the example of email marketing activities: in this case it is important to keep track of the increase in visits and sales following specific campaigns optimized thanks to the AI ​​tool.


On the market there are numerous solutions based on Artificial Intelligence for eCommerce. Understanding the real needs for your business and which are the key metrics to control are key to selecting the tool that best suits your needs and making an investment that can generate profits.