The main email marketing tools.

A comparison of the main email marketing tools

Email marketing and newsletter : what are the best tools in your opinion? I know, it’s difficult to have a complete list of tools needed to create a useful strategy to reach people in your e-mail box. You cannot ignore this possibility for long: you risk losing a part of the public. But above all potential customers.

Many activities can benefit from the careful and refined management of communication through private messages. Not everything moves on Google and social networks, but you have to work hard on the strategy. In these cases, improvisation and failure are synonymous.


The same goes for choosing the best tools for doing email marketing. Which one do you choose? Here is a selection that can always help you send the best newsletter to your contacts.

  • Mailchimp, the professional starting point
  • Sendblaster and Mailup: email, messages, chat
  • Send blog articles via email: Newsletter
  • Hubspot and agile CRM: not just sending emails
  • TinyLetter, tool for sending free newsletters
  • Email marketing and newsletter: your choice
  • Mailchimp, the professional starting point

When you decide to work with email marketing and newsletters there is always the Mailchimp name in evidence. It is no coincidence; here you find a right synthesis between simplicity and maximum professionalism.

You can’t ignore this point: working with such a tool means making operations as easy as possible. The strengths of Mailchimp (in my opinion) are these:

  • Use of email marketing automation.
  • Creation of squeezes and landing pages.
  • Complete but not complex drag & drop editor.

Then there are all the numbers, the statistics that help you understand how your email marketing and newsletter activity changes . Without forgetting the management of the lists, decisive work.

In a few clicks you can clean the database of names that are no longer interested in your business. Focusing only on profitable segments capable of generating conversions .

One of the best tools for email marketing and mass mailing: I’m talking about Sendblaster, one of the most effective solutions for those who have to make large lists of contacts . Also because there are refined tools to segment the lists and transform the newsletter into a surgical operation. Able to achieve results.

Mailup, instead it gives you the opportunity to work on a different approach. Let’s call it strategic email marketing, with an eye to everything that allows you to send content . In fact with this tool you can activate email, SMS and chatbot campaigns on Messenger and Telegram.

Do you have a completely different target? Perhaps it may be useful for you to be able to send your message via SMS. And that’s exactly what Mailup offers, a perfect solution to combine email marketing and newsletters , phone messages and social chats in one (strategic) place  .

Send blog articles via email: Newsletter

There is a plugin for those who want to send their posts to readers via e-mail. I’m talking about Newsletter, a solution integrated in the CMS to implement this service.

With the tool I mentioned you can create lists of names and then send and track emails without major problems. Other features that will surely make you fall in love with the plugin in question:

You can send as many newsletters as you want.

  • Tracking of members.
  • Spam checking.
  • Blacklist, Akismet, captcha.
  • Visual composer drag & drop.
  • No problem with GDPR.
  • Widget for customizable entries.

If you are not interested in such a complex solution you can think of the always valid Feed burner . This is feed implementation service gives you the ability to get people to post your posts. They will receive your content in the inbox.

Hubspot and agile CRM: not just sending emails

The newsletter is interesting, but it is not the only function to complete the work of email marketing. You also need to recover customers who have left their consent on the landing page by clicking on the call to action . Maybe you don’t need email marketing software but CRM.

That is to say a tool like Hub spot that gives you the possibility to optimize contacts, not only to interact by sending content. E-mail work needs to be addressed as a whole. Looking beyond the classic work of email marketing and newsletters.

A similar argument is made by Agile CRM, an all-in-one service with marketing automation and sales optimization. It allows you to activate conversion tracking, contact management, data analysis, e-mail sending, telephone reports. There is also the helpdesk for support.

TinyLetter, tool for sending free newsletters

You can’t organize a sales funnel with TinyLetter, but if you’re looking for a free tool to send quality newsletters you’re in the right place. Because this Mailchimp rib is simplicity made a tool for sending emails. Tinyletter allows you to create well-formatted texts enriched with images and videos. You have no advanced editor, but for a basic submission it is perfect.

Email marketing and newsletters: your choice

Whether it’s a DEM campaign or an easier need to update contacts with a weekly posting of the latest news published on the blog, it makes no difference: you need effective tools to send professional e-mail messages. Which tool do you choose? Mailchimp or Mailup? Sendblaster? Maybe Hubspot? Leave your opinion in the comments.

Grow newsletter subscribers with content marketing strategies

Newsletter and content marketing are related aspects to increase the list members. Because you use one of the most effective realities of web marketing to get potential leads, contacts to turn into customers. If content can be included in crucial strategies, email marketing and newsletters play an equally important role for those who make good online promotion.

Especially for those who work in an inbound marketing perspective, trying to be found when people need it. Given the importance of these aspects, the question is always this: how to increase the newsletter subscribers with content? The procedure is clear.

  • Focus on the gift strategy
  • Identify the needs of the public
  • Analysis of competition in serp
  • Create an indispensable lead magnet
  • Write a landing page to push
  • How to download the content?
  • Don’t forget the lead nurturing

To get new contacts to be included in the mailing list you need to value in return . This means focusing on the gift strategy and giving quality so that individuals are willing to leave their email contact. That is a precious reference for the web marketing strategy .

In this scenario, the combination of newsletter and content marketing comes into play. The mechanism: I have something useful for my potential subscribers, and I make sure that to receive the benefit there is an email entry before the download. This is the simplest version.

Gift email marketing

An example of a (welcome) gift from Hub spot.

In reality, content marketing can go beyond the concept of a document to download. It can include different forms , such as that of an online event – a webinar – or offline like a seminar that takes place in a room or in a co working. In short, the first step is this and the second?

Identify the needs of the public

You have to work through a perspective that is rooted in exploring the needs of your typical user . This means working hard with the keyword analysis and finding out what online searches are for your audience. The various SEO tools can help you in this operation, you know?

For example with Semrush and Seozoom, two famous instruments, I can identify a particular attention towards a topic. Considering search volume, competition and CPC. So  I can refine the analysis with a deeper discussion

In the forums I can find interesting topics and nuances that are not detected by the various Ubersuggest and Answer the Public. Target? Identify a need to be met.

After discovering a topic that could be useful to spend with my target, it is right to understand if there is something that has already been launched on the web. This means making a serp analysis to identify any publications that could become competitive with me.

The task is not only to discover the competitors, but also to study and deepen. So you have the tools to do something different because you need to give potential carriers a better product. So you can better combine newsletters and content marketing.

Create an indispensable lead magnet

We have arrived at the operational phase: to create an asset capable of activating the people who could be interested in your product or service. The lead magnet can have different shapes even if we often consider it, exclusively, as the classic eBook to download for free.

Trivial? Actually it’s not a bad idea, it’s one of the most interesting solutions. This content gives an additional opportunity to your contact acquisition activity for newsletters, but can be spent on linking and improving personal or corporate brands .

However, this is not necessarily the right solution for your contacts. Consequently you can reason around has different forms of content . For example you can create tools and modules to improve the work of the people you want to reach, or you can give away free images.

Or you can create video tutorials to donate only to those who subscribe to the newsletter. In other words, the study of keywords and competitors must serve you not only to understand what is the topic to be addressed, but also the type of content to be proposed. Once you reach awareness, you have to churn out the best job to tie newsletters and content marketing.

Write a landing page to push

Organize your skills to generate a specific landing page designed to promote the lead magnet. In this case we can speak of squeeze page, that is a type of page dedicated solely and exclusively to the need of those who must collect contacts.

This product must be designed for people, and must rely on persuasive messages that push the user to download. In this case you can imagine a content that is not too long (actually it depends on the cases), with a visual that reproduces the product you want to download. All seasoned with calls to action and titles capable of encouraging the user to perform the action.

Never forget the importance of simplifying the form: don’t ask too much information to those who have to take the action but simplify the moment in which you ask for the email contact to insert in your database. An advantage could come from the way you use email. Nobody likes spam and you can reassure yourself that those who sign up don’t receive junk mail.

How to download the content?

To put this process into practice you need to think of a Word Press plug-in to do lead generation, an extension capable of connecting  email entry with the download. In this case it is better not to improvise: I suggest you take a look at the Studio Samo article dedicated to the best plug-in to download PDF or other content after email insertion.

Want useful contributions to your business. This is why lead nurturing is so important, you must publish  valuable interventions in the newsletter. This job is essential not only to keep the contact on the list, which will always have a reason to follow you

And to convey the user to the sales funnel . Many email marketing software, like Mailchimp, allows you to transform the email you send into a web page to share: one more reason to take care of newsletters and content marketing. So you can get new members this way. By the way, how do you increase the contacts in the newsletter database?