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Website Maintenance Packages

What is the cost of website maintenance packages?

Are you in need of website maintenance packages? Web Digital Media Group provides website owners with reasonably-priced website AMC packages. Maintaining and supporting a website is a crucial aspect for online enterprises.

Website maintenance services in India typically cost around INR 20,000 ($270.00) per year on average.

Service packages for website maintenance to ensure seamless website operation.

While there may be multiple agencies available to address your website’s glitches, Web Digital Media Group can serve as a reliable partner with ample capabilities to efficiently resolve your problems at an affordable cost. Our website maintenance packages are both customizable and reasonably priced, making them an optimal solution for any issues your website may encounter.

Website Maintenance Packages


$120 (10,000) INR /Per Year

Best for Small Business


$181 (15,000)INR /Per Year

Best for Mid Size Business


$241 (20,000) INR / Per Year

Best for Small Business


$423 (35,000) INR / Per Year

Best for Small Business

What makes a support and website maintenance package crucial for your business website?

 Web Digital Media Group is recognized as a top-notch online reputation management firm that offers reasonably priced ORM packages for businesses of all types and budgets. Our ORM Plans in India are available at a monthly cost ranging from $110 (Rs 8,000) to $400 (Rs 28,000). Explore our ORM packages in India below.

Despite having a fully-functional, attractive, and well-optimized business website that you invested a significant amount of money into, you neglected to take advantage of website support and maintenance services. Perhaps you didn’t see the value in it, were overly confident that your website wouldn’t encounter any problems in the future, or believed that investing in maintenance services was a waste of money. However, it’s important to invest in website maintenance packages to ensure your website stays up and running smoothly, especially when you need updates or encounter technical issues. Unfortunately, just two months after launching your website, it experienced some technical glitches. You have since approached the website development agency where you originally gave your business.

You are currently in a state of helplessness. You lack the necessary skills and cannot seek external assistance due to concerns about privacy and potential harm to your business. This puts you in a precarious situation where you are unable to provide adequate service to your customers and lack support. In such circumstances, a website maintenance company can be instrumental in restoring your business ideas and operations.

Website Maintenance Services From A Premium Website Maintenance Company

Web Digital Media Group understands the various challenges that business website owners encounter after launching their site. To assist with website maintenance, we have created a comprehensive and personalized plan that ensures a secure, speedy, and seamless online experience for users.

Benefits of Opting for Our Personalized Website Maintenance Plans in India:

How Much Should Website Maintenance Cost?

Maintaining a website is crucial for ensuring its optimal performance, and the cost of such maintenance varies depending on the website’s size, complexity, and requirements. A simple business website with limited features may only require a few hours of work each month from a professional webmaster, which could cost between $50 and $150 depending on the quality of service. However, larger websites with more intricate features may require more attention and incur higher costs, reaching several hundred dollars or even thousands for enterprise-level sites. Luckily, there are many options available for hiring external assistance or managing basic tasks in-house.

Many businesses require a website for their operations, but determining the cost of website maintenance can be challenging. The cost depends on various factors such as the site’s complexity, frequency of updates, and any additional features like ecommerce or blogging. Knowing these elements can help you establish a budget for your website upkeep. Website maintenance expenses are diverse and can range from basic hosting fees to intricate development work requiring the skills of an experienced web developer. Generally, most websites need ongoing maintenance, including content updates, security measures, and regular checks.

Is It Mandatory To Buy Website Maintenance Plan?

As the pandemic drives businesses towards an online presence, website maintenance is gaining importance as a factor for business growth. While website maintenance costs may seem daunting, it is a crucial investment for success. Neglecting upkeep and updates can lead to outdated websites and security risks. Investing in website maintenance provides long-term benefits for any digital business. It keeps the site running smoothly, ensures features are current and functioning correctly, and safeguards against hacking attacks. Regular maintenance guarantees a positive customer experience and relevant content, ultimately reducing costs.

Affordable Website Maintenance Packages In India By Web Digital Media Group

Looking for affordable website maintenance options in India? Web Digital Media Group offers a flexible, cost-effective, and efficient website maintenance package tailored to your needs.

Website Maintenance Packages

$120 (₹10,000)

/Per Year

$181 (₹15,000)

/Per Year

$241 (₹20,000)

/Per Year

$423 (₹35,000)

/Per Year

Website Updates (Text, Photos, Pages, Navigation, Videos, Links)Maximum 5 UpdatesMaximum 10 UpdatesMaximum 20 UpdatesMaximum 40 Updates
Technical Support Duration5 Hours Per Month5 Hours Per Month8 Hours Per Month10 Hours Per Month
Work Completion Time3 Business Days3 Business Days2 Business Days1 Business Days
New Product UploadExtra ChargesExtra ChargesExtra ChargesExtra Charges
Domain & Hosting Assistance    
Website Customization WorksExtra ChargesExtra ChargesOnly Basic Changes AllowedOnly Basic Changes Allowed
Website Health CheckMonthlyMonthlyMonthlyWeekly
Image OptimizationExtra ChargesExtra ChargesExtra ChargesExtra Charges
Code OptimizationExtra ChargesExtra ChargesExtra ChargesExtra Charges
WordPress Core & Plugin UpdateExtra ChargesExtra ChargesExtra ChargesOnly Basic Changes Will Be Done
Theme Updates*    
Website Speed OptimizationExtra ChargesExtra ChargesExtra ChargesExtra Charges
Adding and Updating New ContentUp to 1 PageUp to 2 PageUp to 3 PageUp to 5 Page
Changes in Address Or Contact Information    
Trouble Shooting Server Issues    
Scan Website For Malicious Issues    
Broken Link Check & FixExtra ChargesExtra ChargesExtra ChargesExtra Charges
Get Support OnEmailEmailPhone/EmailPhone/Email

Note: Taxes are not included in the prices. Web Digital Media Group will not take responsibility for any hacking or malware problems. If there are any issues, we will attempt to resolve them to the best of our ability and expertise.

A personalized website maintenance package that encompasses all aspects.

Our website maintenance package is comprehensive and caters to all types of issues, be it big, small, or medium. It includes solutions for web designing, development, database connectivity, security, and more. Our team of skilled developers, designers, and digital marketers ensures that we meet our customers’ expectations. You can explore our web maintenance service plans and prices to see how we can maintain and enhance your website. Our website maintenance package covers the following:

Our Website Maintenance Services Include

Regular Updates

Technical Support

WordPress Maintenance

Services Updates

Included in our pricing plan for website maintenance are solutions to address:

Designing | Development | Database | Security | Performance | SEO

Your digital storefront, also known as your website, may be the initial platform where users engage with your business. To make a positive impression and encourage customers to take action, it’s crucial that your website meets all standards. Balancing business and website needs alone can be challenging, but Web Digital Media Group offers website maintenance services to assist you. Our maintenance package provides solutions for various website issues.

Why Choose Web Digital Media Group For Website Maintenance Packages?

If you’re looking for a reliable website maintenance company with a track record of content clients, choose Web Digital Media Group. We have: