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Affordable SMO Packages

Best Seller
$200 per channel $300 per channel $400 per channel
No. of Hours (per channel) 15 40 60
Organic Promotion
Competitor analysis
Strategy formation
Hashtag creation and promotion
Monthly creative creation 5 8 12
Monthly postings 5 8 12
Analytics Tracking
Account Management
Engagement with active communities and groups
Network build-up
Engagement with third-party posts
Content optimization
Paid Promotion
Budget estimate
Setting up campaigns
Ad creative creation
Daily account optimization
Setting up sales funnel for conversion objective
Conversion tracking assisted by Google Analytics
Creation of audience lists
Setting up campaigns
Ad creative creation
Daily account optimization
Setting up sales funnel for conversion objective
Conversion tracking assisted by Google Analytics
SMO Activities
Monthly report generation with insights
Next month’s line of action
Customer Support

Affordable Social Media Marketing Packages for Small Business

The world has been swept by Social Media Optimization (SMO) as a sophisticated form of digital marketing. SMO not only showcases the influence of social media but also links it to online marketing. In today’s era of the internet, customer engagement and online presence have become crucial factors in digital marketing. By harnessing the potential of these two significant features, SMO helps companies expand their business. Web Digital Media Group comprehends the potential of social media in boosting a website’s organic search outcomes. Our experts explore various ways to link our client organizations with their intended audience through SMO.
The budget is the deciding factor for the success of a digital marketing campaign. Hence, we offer our clients reasonably priced SMO packages that provide top-notch services, enabling them to unlock their growth potential.

Our PPC Packages:-

Web Digital Media Group has become a prominent provider of SMO services in recent times, thanks to its cost-effective pricing packages that offer top-notch services. Our decision to maintain these prices is based on the belief that… Our SMO packages are designed to provide our clients with the advantages of our services without putting a burden on their budget.
Web Digital Media Group offers its SMO services as a component of the following SEO packages:
SEO-Active: This package incurs a monthly fee of $700 in total.
SEO-Professional: A monthly subscription fee of $1000 is required for this package.
SEO-Enterprise: This plan is available for subscription to our clients at a monthly fee of $1800.

Features of our SMO services packages

Not only do we offer affordable SMO packages, but we also prioritize equitable treatment for all of our clients. To that end, we have ensured that our social media service packages encompass both basic and advanced features.

Our SMO strategy encompasses all the major social media platforms to provide comprehensive solutions. The leading social media sites covered in our offerings are as follows:

Facebook:Creating a profile, establishing a fan page, and publishing and distributing content.
Instagram: Creating a profile for the business, generating an interactive hashtag that represents the brand, and publishing content.
Twitter: Profile creation, and posting
Pinterest: The tasks include setting up and overseeing an account, managing Pinterest followers, maintaining pinboards, and creating pins with client-provided images.
Aside from the fundamental SEO package, Web Digital Media Group other search engine optimization packages incorporate SMO services. The monthly packages for social media marketing that we offer are crucial in expanding the businesses of our clients. Our packages provide a consistent and cohesive connection between business accounts and branded networks. Additionally, they facilitate potential customers of our clients to access the appropriate platform. Our services aim to attain the following goals for our clients who opt for our cost-effective social media management packages:

Boost the SEO outcomes.

Use a strategic and multi-faceted approach to enhance the SMO campaign of a client organization. Maximize the revenue on investment RoI for a business by directing a large number of potential customers to its website.
Investing in our services can bring you significant benefits. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our SMO services that fit your budget, please contact us immediately!