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Creation of Professional Websites

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The face of any business today is its website. It is the website that determines whether or not the consumer will stick to the business. It is also the business that determines whether or not the business will succeed in it endeavour or not. Your audience has only minutes to spare for your website and to decide whether or not they would want to stick to your business. The website is also the mark of your business. Most consumers today, look up the website of any business before deciding whether or not they want to go on with the business.

We develop websites using the latest of methods, and the cutting-edge technology of the world. We brand your website the right way. We design tailor-made strategies for your business. In short, we strive to do everything possible by us to give you the best of returns on the investment you have made. We highlight every special feature of your business, so that you are represented in the best possible light to your audience.

Creating a professional website and internet portals for a company or institutional body is important today if you want to be on the web because the creation of a website represents a set of web pages related to each other, communicating the corporate image and services and products offered to users browsing the web.

The creation of a website considers the web graphics and the design of the features present in the HTML code according to the W3C standards, making the site visible on mobile devices, therefore “responsive”, allowing the creation of a professional and quality website.

Cost of Creating Websites

The cost of creating websites varies according to the needs of the customer requesting the service, basing the cost per dynamic website, static website or eCommerce sites e-commerce platform.

The cost of the budget for the design of a website will be different based on the needs of the customer and the requests made to the web agency that will suggest the ideas for developing the website in the best way.


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Making a professional website recommending to a web agency with experience for the creation of the project following the creation of the site in all aspects allows not to have an unknown website and to fail in the business project.

Today all professionals, companies and institutional bodies own and interface with users who surf the net by choosing the design and implementation of a website thanks to the opportunities offered by web agencies such as our web agency Web Digital Media Group.

E-commerce Portals

The creation of e-commerce websites and shop portals suitable for e-commerce for online sales with management system or warehouse integration securely 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without pauses or interruptions.

Html5 Css3 and PHP

The creation of our websites is developed with the latest generation of web technologies such as: PHP, Javascript / jQuery, HMTL5 and CSS3, thanks to expert web designers.

Quick Websites

The response times of internet sites require having to be fast so we use web site development techniques that measure performance with speed and performance tests during the creation phase.

Responsive Internet Sites

Our websites with responsive web design techniques make web pages and content accessible to anyone from any navigation device such as smartphones and tablets.

CMS, WordPress, Drupal

Developing a website can also be done through the use of CMS software, such as wordpress, joomla or drupal, widely used today, which allows complete management of the public section of the website even by people without specific programming knowledge.

Cross-Platform and Responsive Websites

The importance of using web techniques to obtain a responsive design is the basis of internet site design that can adapt to the major types of browsers and operating systems, continuously testing the project throughout the development phase to ensure a mobile-friendly product .

Static or Dynamic Site

Creating a static website means using development technologies for websites that are rarely updated and it is about creating first generation websites that are obsolete in terms of technology.

The design of dynamic websites means creating websites that are easily updated because they are linked to a database and functional thanks to a last generation control panel (called backend).

Type Of Websites

  1. Personal site-suitable for people who want to create their own image online as a blog.
  2. Company website-for companies that want to enter the web and offer their customers services or products.
  3. E-commerce site (or “e-commerce”)-for companies or people who wish to enter the sale of goods and / or services via the Internet.
  4. Websites for restaurants,bars or holiday farms-we create websites for restaurants, bars, holiday farms or other gastronomy activities.
  5. web site for lawyers-a website with a showcase of services offered by the law firm, curriculum and specializations of the lawyer.
    And Many Others.
types of websites