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Brand identity: what is the corporate image

The importance of the corporate image on the web

In building the image of a company, that is, its brand identity, today the web represents an essential and decisive tool .

However, this does not only mean that in order for the company to have a defined image on the Web it must have a site. If, in fact, this represents the basis or the starting point it is not, however, sufficient to build a serious and easily recognizable image for the company.

The site of the company must certainly be done well at a technical level and must have pleasant graphics, but it also needs to build a very precise and representative image of the company.

Each company has a name, a logo and offers specific products and services. When the site manages to transmit exactly this information to current or potential customers, it means that the image or brand identity is well constructed.


Who to entrust the construction of the brand identity to

It is certainly not easy to convey the corporate image via the web. In fact, many are convinced that it is sufficient to have some basic notions on how to structure the site and build an adequate social media marketing campaign.

However, in this way it is underestimated how the web is populated by a very varied audience that seeks information of all kinds on companies, products, services and so on. So

almost never , by building a DIY business image, you are able to reach the right people , that is, those who are looking for those services or products offered by our company.

The best decision is to rely on an expert Web Agency in the brand identity sector.

In fact, a Web Agency optimizes the investment made by the company, creates a strategic communication and web marketing campaign capable of exactly reaching the target customers of reference.

Today then the most effective communication campaigns are not limited to websites but are also expressly conveyed through social networks ( Twitter , Facebook and Instagram ) and even mobile apps.

Also in this case the Web Agency makes a targeted program that ensures the maximization of the investment.

How to build the brand identity on the web?

Giving a precise and recognizable shape to the corporate image requires a thorough study of the company in order to conclude three main things .

The first is that which concerns the characteristics, the second concerns the objectives and the third the nature of the company.

Once these three aspects are clear, it is easy to build a solid and strong brand identity.

On a practical level what a Web Agency has to do is create a logo , or a design that can effectively communicate what the company represents and, at the same time, strengthen its image.

The Web Agency will create a unique and original logo that can be immediately associated with the company by those customers targeted by the company.

Another part critical of the work done by Web Agency is to verify that the image or corporate brand built is consistent not only with its values even with the products and the services offered by the company, or with the company’s core business.