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Affordable Digital Marketing PPC

Best Seller
$399 per month $599 per month $799 per month $999 per month
Setup Fee $200 $350 $500 $750
Free Trial! 10 days free trial 10 days free trial 10 days free trial 10 days free trial
Advertising Budget $0- $2999 / month $3000- $4999/ month $5000 – $7500 / month $7500 – $10000 / month
Full Optimizations 1 / month 2 / month 3 / month 5 / month
Ad Groups Up To 5 Up To 10 Up To 20 Up To 40
Ads per Ad Group Up to 2 Ads per Ad Group (No A/B testing) Up to 3 Ads per Ad Group (No A/B testing) Up to 4 Ads per Ad Group Up to 6 Ads per Ad Group
Keywords Up To 50 Up To 100 Up To 200 Up To 750
Negative Keywords
Conversion Tracking
Monthly Reporting
No Contracts
Ad Networks Google Network Google Network Google & Yahoo! LinkedIn Google, Yahoo! LinkedIn & FB
Mobile Ads
Call Extensions
Sitelink Extensions
Monthly Conference Calls
Display / Image Ads Upto 2 Ads per month

Affordable PPC Packages for all PPC Campaigns

Online marketing is all about attracting the attention of potential customers and converting them into actual ones. Digital marketing includes a number of aspects, including PPC. Otherwise known as pay-per-click, PPC is the ultimate option to bring a website to the notice of a target audience
PPC is the pillar which paves the way to success for a business. By subscribing to one of the affordable PPC packages from a reputed service provider, one can translate one’s plan into reality without spending a fortune.
At Web Digital Media Group, we have a wide range of Google PPC packages to suit the budget of our clients. Quality PPC services offer a competitive edge to businesses these days. So, we strive for quality offerings at reasonable charges in this regard.

Our PPC Packages:-

Transcending the boundaries of convention, we, at Web Digital Media Group, have come up with incredible PPC packages. Our paid subscription plans include the following:

PPC-Essential: This package is available at a monthly subscription of $400. It involves all fundamental functionalities that are meant to serve the minimum PPC needs of our clients.
PPC-Advanced: A package with a difference to enable our clients to use the core aspects relating to PPC, this package comes at a monthly subscription charge of $600.
PPC-Professional: Available at a monthly charge of $800, this package brings forth a host of additional features in comparison to the PPC-Active package.
PPC-Enterprise: This is our best-selling package and includes a comprehensive range of features. It is available at a monthly charge of $1000.
While some features may vary across the packages, we strive to put our best foot forward in providing the core PPC features. In doing so, we intend to steer the PPC campaigns of our clients through to success.

Features of our PPC packages

Nothing succeeds like a well-planned PPC strategy. With that said, there is more to the success of such campaigns than a carefully formulated strategy. Aside from the latter, a lot depends on how well one implements the primary aspects of a PPC campaign.
To provide all-round services, we include the following features:
These are the prominent services we provide to our clients. The list goes on and on.

We provide cost-effective PPC management packages

At Web Digital Media Group, we understand that PPC pricing packages can have a bearing on the overall cost of a company. The lesser it is the better. Therefore, we do our best to make sure that all our packages are cost-effective.
You can invest in our PPC services packages with the confidence that you will get good value for money. Request a free quote now to know more about our pay per click packages. All you need to do is fill up the relevant fields and send it to us. One of our representatives will get in touch with you to provide you with more information on your query.