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WordPress Migration Service

We’ll safely transfer your WordPress website to a new location for $69.

Migration Process

Your website transferred in 3 steps.

About the Service

We’ll make sure that your WordPress website is safely transferred to its new home.

Website Backup

We will ensure safety by making a complete backup of your WordPress installation, including core, theme, plugin files, and database, before transferring your website to its new hosting provider.

Website Transfer

After obtaining a comprehensive backup of your website, the subsequent stage in the migration procedure is to relocate your files and database to your new hosting service provider.

Update Domain

Once your website files are uploaded and your database is imported, we can proceed with updating your DNS settings to direct your domain name to your new hosting provider.


Reconfiguring your website to work with a new hosting provider using the same domain name is a simple task, but if you decide to rebrand and switch to a new domain, it usually requires more effort.


We strive to minimize downtime, which is determined by the duration it takes for your domain's DNS to propagate. Essentially, this refers to the time it takes for ISP nodes worldwide to update their records with your domain's new DNS information, which typically ranges from 24 to 48 hours depending on your location. We recommend transferring your website during times when it is least active, such as weekends, as this is often the most suitable option for many businesses.
In case you made an email account with your previous hosting provider, it will be necessary to recreate it with your current provider. The same rule applies to any email forwarding that may have been set up. If you are collaborating with a third-party service, you must modify the corresponding settings.
It is possible for us to move your website to a different host and set up your WordPress site to function with a new domain.
Yes, as long as the hosting company supports WordPress's requirements. To double check, we suggest contacting the hosting company before signing up to their services. If you not sure which hosting provider to choose, we recommend SiteGround.com.
In order to begin the migration process, we require your current and new hosting account information. Once your website files and database have been transferred, you will be prompted to update your domain's DNS.