Website Maintenance Services: Assistance, website management and maintenance are essential!

Website Maintenance Services:Today for a company having a website may not be enough especially if the site is not recent .

Once the website has been created and put online, constant updating, assistance, management and maintenance is required to make it efficient over time.

Do you have a web page and are you looking for an expert or help in managing the site?

Web Digital Media Group also offers assistance for websites not made by us: after sales, SEO technical advice , web assistance are key factors for the loyalty of each of our customers … present and future!

For many years Web Digital Media Group has been performing technical assistance on websites (also for WordPress CMS) and has done it professionally.

How does the support, management and assistance service work?        

The first “assistance” intervention that every web designer should take care of is “site maintenance”, that is, everything related to updating the company website from a technical point of view. A constant and continuous renewal intervention is indispensable for safety and compatibility reasons with the devices and software used by users.

The maintenance interventions can be  periodic  (e.g. insertion or modification of functions and plugins, page and database backup services, statistical services …) or they can be  occasional  when single problems or new opportunities arise (e.g. interventions related to server and hosting problems, evolution of the search engine functioning logics, new developments and functionality of the software …).

Once the website has been created, it needs continuous updates and maintenance over time to be always efficient and in order to guarantee its safety from any threats from the web, for this reason I offer my customers the website assistance and maintenance service. .

Website support
The assistance of the website provides for the modification and addition of content or new features, the addition of new photos or products and optimization of the pages to ensure better visibility.

Website maintenance

The maintenance of the website mainly concerns the website from a technical point of view, that is, making periodic backups of the web pages and its database, hosting maintenance , updating the plugins and the CMS for the websites created in WordPress .

What are the costs of running a website?

The management and assistance costs on a website essentially depend on the complexity of the site and the technical characteristics of the hosting platform. Here is a list of the main elements that those who manage your website should take care of:

  • Domain renewal ( and mail service
  • Site hosting (the server where the website physically resides)
  • Management and maintenance of a database . The cost depends on the size and complexity of the database.
  • Site updates , in case Web Digital Media Group needs to modify some information on the site on your behalf. It is a cost that varies according to the quantity and complexity of the updates.
  • Check the performance and health of your website
  • Web space backup
  • Back up the web space (FTP) and database (SQL)
  • Regular updates of the CMS platform
  • Regular plug-in updates whenever necessary
  • Regular updating of the template in use, whenever necessary;
  • Keeping the site safe

Our staff dedicated to technical assistance is always available to provide support for issues related to these services but also to manage small changes on the site.

Entrust us with the management of your website.

Web Digital Media Group why?

We will also improve “natural positioning” on search engines

If the management and updating of one’s site has been carried out well. This is why it is important to rely on professionals for the creation and maintenance of your website.

Interventions and additional services

In addition to the procedures for renewing the domain, the mail service, hosting the site and managing and maintaining a database, typical of any site, Web Digital Media Group provides and recommends a series of additional actions and services that can be implemented on your website:

Services for creating and inserting content and web marketing actions … because it is very important to build pages and articles (blog posts) that bring us traffic and new customers.

Maintenance of search engine positioning and SEO activities , or a series of actions performed to improve or maintain the positions earned in the ranking for the chosen keywords. The themes used and proposed by Web Digital Media Group are studied and modified to ensure that the website is optimized in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and therefore well positioned on the main search engines for the keywords of our interest (natural positioning on the engines of research).

Database backup . An investment often not considered by those who create a website but which is often of fundamental importance.

Why rely on the website’s assistance and maintenance service?

Often you do not have the necessary skills within a company or it may be too expensive to have a person inside to take care of the management of the site, so the website maintenance service was created to meet the updating needs continuous and improvement of the site for all those companies or professionals who do not have the appropriate tools to perform this task.

If you have this need, do not hesitate to contact me, I will help you save time in daily website maintenance activities and ensure its effectiveness over time.

Do you need someone to manage your website?
Do you want to provide updated content to your customers?

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