Medical Web Marketing for Physicians Doctors: we are at your service for your professional growth

The health sector has specific needs regarding communication and online visibility: this is why the medical marketing sector is becoming increasingly important . It is a specific branch of web marketing that aims to promote the online presence of doctors and clinics, to be able to bring them closer to patients, increasing their reputation and the trust placed in them.

Our team has developed over the years a great experience in the medical and health marketing sector , supporting professionals from all over Italy who have decided to rely on our professionalism.

Medical Web Marketing: what it is and why it is important

Before going into the details of the technical explanations, think about how people behave today. According to Google sources, we do more than one search per day on the search engine on average. This means that people, to get answers, have discovered the convenience of taking the computer (or smartphone increasingly) and typing their question. This also happens when they are engaged in finding a doctor .

The task of medical web marketing is precisely to position your site or that of the clinic where you work at the top of the search results , so as to be able to provide a secure contact, referenced and able to give reliable answers to the patient.

All kinds of news are circulating on the internet and the frequency of self- diagnosis is taking on alarming proportions. How many people are looking for symptoms and possible causes on Google before seeking medical attention? The same goes for social media too. On Facebook, in particular, we do research, we subscribe to thematic groups, we seek comparison with people who have characteristics and experiences similar to ours. Thus, even for diseases, more and more people are looking for opinions and references on social networks before going to the doctor in person.

Being a health web marketing expert means being a web marketing professional but with something extra. It means knowing people, their needs when they are faced with the delicate phase of choosing a doctor. The healthcare marketing is one area where we can not afford to forget the human side. Because we are not selling objects, but health for people. We assure you that, if you trust us, we will always keep this aspect in the foreground, respecting your profession and your customers.

Healthcare Marketing: acquire patients and improve your work with a solid online presence

Doing medical web marketing correctly means giving people the opportunity to get to know the work you do, the characteristics that distinguish you from others and your strengths. It can be useful, for example, to promote particular activities, or specific services, which would otherwise be hardly visible at local level. The word of mouth, on which the reputation of doctors was once based, is no longer effective. It is, in fact, polluted by the presence of online content that divert people’s attention.

To get around all these factors, it is not enough to create a small website or have a Facebook page lying abandoned without updates. It is necessary to develop a serious and professional working method , in accordance with what your specific needs are and your needs based on the specialization you are doing. The Medical Web marketing then becomes a real path based on strategy and teamwork. There is no magic formula applicable to each individual case, but it is necessary to carefully evaluate the professional, adapting to him the strategies that we know are winning.

Who is medical web marketing for? The implementation of targeted online advertising is suitable for all professionals working in the medical and health sector. Increasing your web presence to attract new customers will benefit each one of them.

Technical aspects of medical web marketing: our services for your visibility

To do medical marketing you need to work in synergy on several aspects of your online presence. This is why teamwork is fundamental: in our web agency technical programmers, marketing experts and copywriters capable of carrying out a 360 ° job collaborate .

Here are the various stages that we will develop to do medical marketing correctly:

Analysis and study of a work strategy: this phase is very important. Your current online presence will be assessed through specific and professional tools, analyzing the factors on which it is necessary to improve and the steps to be taken to obtain ever better results;

Practical interventions : It includes all the operations that are carried out and planned, in the short and long term, to achieve the objectives we have set ourselves;

Periodic report and control of results: our work never stops. We periodically draw up complete reports of the results obtained, analyzing new possible avenues and new goals.

Practical interventions for medical web marketing: working methods and professionalism

On a practical level, doing medical web marketing requires a whole series of interventions that aim to build a solid online presence of your professional figure. Health web marketing opens the way to many possibilities for action, with online activities that you can choose to personally manage or delegate in part or in full to us. Collaboration in our work is already fundamental in itself. When it comes to medical marketing it is even more so. The different aspects that make up healthcare marketing are:

SEO Service for Medical: it is about the development and care of your website, in order to position it in the top positions of the search pages when users search online. The site must be well cared for, with reliable content, and easily navigable both from mobile devices and from PC. Very important for medical marketing is the local SEO activity , which provides particular attention to local searches, those that will surely bring you the largest number of real customers;

Google ADS advertising campaigns : we will create advertising campaigns both to reach users who are actually looking for the specific service you offer, and to target people’s interests and needs through a careful analysis of possible customers;

Consolidation of your social identity with creation of dedicated pages . The updating of the contents can be autonomous, or you can choose to delegate the management of the pages to us;

Facebook / Instagram advertising campaigns : social networks allow you to reach people who are really interested and to provide them with information and contacts. Healthcare marketing sees in social media an important ally to increase the activities of doctors and clinics.

Obviously what we have just listed are only brief introductions of what the various world of health web marketing is . Going into the detail of your business, we will be able to decide on which and how to invest to organize the winning strategy.

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