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Thanks to the experience of our work group we are able to create customized software solutions for our customers.

We are passionately dedicated to the development of customized and web based management software that supports our customers in their activities, allowing us to optimize the results. Thanks to our team’s computer science and marketing skills, we start from the analysis of business realities to identify the technologies best suited to their needs and develop customized IT solutions.

Whether they are web, client / server, legacy or embedded applications, our approach to software development allows results to be obtained from the earliest stages.

We always try to divide the overall project into smaller modules to be implemented in subsequent steps, thus giving the customer tangible and verifiable results in less time and allowing better control of what we are doing, without losing the overall vision of the entire project.

The life cycle of an application developed by us always provides for verification with the customer of the results obtained and compliance with both the initial requirements and those that may have emerged during implementation.

The programming languages ​​used range from C ++ to Java, from PHP to Flash, from C to Visual Basic, the technologies used range from jsp to portlets, from proprietary relational DBs to open source ones, from framework to J2ee and Zend implementations.

Generally we try to advise the customer on the use of open source technologies, but of wide use and of certain validity, but we are certainly not precluded to the use of proprietary products that are market leaders eventually already adopted

We create integrated solutions to optimize the management procedures of SMEs and public administration, intranet / web oriented applications and multimedia applications for the promotion of activities.

Thanks to the passion and skills of our development team we start from the analysis of the business realities to identify the most suitable technologies for the Customer’s needs and develop customized software solutions.

We always try to divide the overall project into smaller modules to be implemented in subsequent steps, thus giving the customer tangible and verifiable results in less time and allowing better control of what we are doing.

What We Develop and LANGUAGES USED

Some Of Our Languages Used

The most widely used technologies, languages ​​and development environments are:

  1. Operating Systems: Windows NT / 2000 / Xp / Vista / Seven, Linux
  2. Programming languages: C #, C ++, Visual basic, Java, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, Macromedia Flash
  3. DBMS: Mysql, MS Sql Server, MS Access
  4. Use of the UML modeling language to visualize, build and document software systems projects.
  5. And many more…

Web Digital Media Group today makes available to its customers the competence, updating and experience gained in the projects. As an “Innovator” he always sets out to research and study new languages ​​and cutting-edge technologies, to always offer his customers the best solutions. With 10 years of professionalism Web Digital Media Group offers the best guarantee!

Application Areas

The main application areas in which the major experiences were acquired are:

  1. CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) applications capable of interfacing all the most important telephone exchanges with legacy systems and company data warehouse.
  2. Web applications: B2B and B2C e-commerce, dynamic portals, web-based management, modules for customer support, design and production of presentations and multimedia catalogs on CD and on WEB.
  3. Customized management programs: with maintenance service and customer assistance. Business management software: sales, purchases, logistics.
  4. Development of web applications: e-commerce (B2B, B2C), portals, e-procurement and management on the web (order acquisition, offer generations, sales transactions, catalogs).
  5. Data Based Applications
  6. Office automation tools.

INTERFACES CTI, your contact center!

In the contact centers more attentive to the relationship with their customers, we often feel the need for customized applications, to be made available to those who answer the phone, who are able to interface with the telephone exchange and with a database.

Web Digital Media Group is able to quickly develop CTI applications and customized interfaces based on every need and able to communicate in real time simultaneously with the company systems and with any telephone exchange equipped with CTI interface.

  1. Custom pop-ups.
  2. Links to corporate databases.
  3. Connections with external applications

E-STORE: manage warehouse and sales points in real time!

There is a management system that is always online, flexible, customizable and able to adequately support all the sales and management activities of multiple warehouses or stores, which can simultaneously tell me at any time, in real time, which is the sales trend and stock situation of remote branches or stores?

Sure! It’s called e-store, and it’s a project that we have completely realized and tested in Web Digital Media Group: first of all at our stores!

We have experience in many areas of IT but we are specialized in