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SEO NYC: Our SEO consultancy services

We provide SEO and Analytics consultancy in all industries, and in particular on Pharma, Finance, Fashion, Food, FMCG, Furniture & Design, Tech, Publishing & Entertainment, Sport, Automotive, B2B Services, E-commerce of all types.

We support our customers with a strategic, data driven approach to Search Marketing aimed at achieving solid and lasting results.


SEO is often considered only at the end of the process of designing a brand’s digital visibility. On the contrary, we promote an SEO driven approach , capable of laying a solid strategic foundation for strong and lasting market control, identifying in advance the achievable results and thus allowing to optimize the investment plan based on the expected ROI.

We analyze the customer, his market, the objectives, the visibility and strategies of competitors on engines, the searches of users, also at an international level, and we define a complete strategy, which does not just identify the target topics (keywords and groups of keywords), but which defines the personas and the search journeys to be intercepted, a current and ideal brand / domain / market mapping and a road-map of actions capable of progressively improving the presence of the market at national and / or international level.



We help the customer to plan their web visibility in SEO from the foundations , supporting technological choices, the definition of semantic areas and information architecture, workflows and ongoing management costs.

We communicate directly with the Design, IT and Customer Communication departments and with any other suppliers (Web development agency, Content provider, System integrator, Consulting agency, Translation agency, etc.) providing complete and in-depth guidelines for the  website design and  development. We also support the team continuously during the design phases (architecture, wireframe, development) and until after the publication of the website on the web, monitoring its correct scanning and indexing.

SEO migrations agencies in NYC

Moving the URLs of a site, for example because the domain changes, the tld (top level domain, such as .it, .com etc.), the default protocol (passage to HTTPS), or even just the information architecture, it is one of the most critical situations for SEO. The positioning on Google is in fact connected to a URL and therefore in all these cases it is necessary to declare if a page has been moved, under penalty of the potential loss of all visibility and organic visits.

We follow the whole SEO migration process: preliminary analysis, URL mapping, strategy and redirect table, post migration checks and indexing and positioning monitoring in the following weeks. This type of consultancy is carried out both for single sites and for entire web ecosystems (multidomain / multicountry / multilingual) or in the case of domain aggregation.

On-site SEO (technical SEO) Optimization services NYC

Our audit analyzes the customer’s site from the point of view of the technical optimizations that have effects on the whole site.

The parameters analyzed are more than 200; as an example we work on: general site and domain configuration, protocols (https), crawlability (site’s ability to be crawled by engine bots), indexability (ability to be indexed), crawl budget optimization (dedicated resources from bots to site scanning), speed and performance, 4xx (e.g. 404) and 5xx (e.g. 500) errors, redirect and redirect chains, content duplication, SEO for mobile, information architecture and internal linking strategies, and many other areas.

In addition to providing all the information to the customer and its suppliers, we follow the implementations and provide advice throughout the course of the project. This is also essential to identify work around in case of platform constraints and solutions capable of optimizing the IT and development effort.


SEO on-page semantics NYC

Starting from the strategic analysis, we create a relational map between topics, keywords and pages to evaluate which pages should be optimized and which new ones should be created.

For each page we define structure, content, formatting, pagination and of course all the tags (title, meta description, heading H1, H2, etc.) relevant for SEO, also for images and videos.

We provide the exact structure to follow for the drafting of the single content and, if the Customer requests it, we make it completely independent in the operational SEO management, through training workshops with the marketing, communication and IT departments, with the editorial staff and possibly also with content providers.


On-page optimization activities usually follow an agreed plan depending on the structure of the site and the quantity and complexity of the content to be optimized.

SEO driven strategies and editorial plans in NYC

For publishers, but also for B2C and B2B companies, we build SEO driven editorial plans of any extension, aimed at acquiring lasting visibility and positioning on any topic, possibly working in synergy with the Customer or its content suppliers.

We analyze the market, the objectives and the visibility opportunities for the Customer, taking into consideration in particular the target, the type of search intent and the competition on the various topics .

Together with the editorial plan, divided between articles or evergreen / pillars and support contents, we provide the main SEO tags (title, meta description, heading) already optimized.


Off-site / trust building SEO

Although Google is increasingly sophisticated and continuously tests new ways to evaluate the authoritativeness of a site, all studies agree in considering the references (links) from other sites (off-site) one of the most important parameters for positioning , especially on the most competitive keywords. We design and carry out trust building strategies (digital PR SEO) aimed at improving the authoritativeness and reputation of the Brand , the site and its pages. We work with the utmost attention to obtaining natural and lasting trusts, collaborating with quality sites and categorically avoiding spam sites and site networks.


SEO penalization recovery

With the evolution of Google’s algorithms towards a real time approach, it is less and less frequent to see sites that are penalized. However, there are updates, such as the recent “medic update” (a core update that has mainly affected health-related sites), which require targeted and long-term activities, especially for those sites that have not known, or have not wanted, interpret and predict the development lines of Google’s algorithms. We follow our customers throughout the recovery process, whatever the initial conditions and necessary activities, until complete recovery.


SEO for e-commerce

E-commerce sites have architectures and features that require specific solutions. For example, product presentation and selection pages, and even product variations, almost always result in duplication of content and waste of crawl budgets that need to be resolved. More generally, e-commerce can have difficulty indexing , especially when they have large catalogs and low trusts, for example because they are startups or little-known brands. In all these cases, we apply SEO best practices across the e-commerce world, also taking into account the performance in terms of conversion.

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SEO local NYC

The use of the Internet from mobile has grown very rapidly since the appearance of smartphones onwards: today more than 50% of Internet traffic is mobile. This has led to the equally rapid growth of local searches on engines, often related to commercial activities (“sport shop Rome” or “Zara Milan” or “pizzeria in Venice”). The positioning of the stores on Google for local searches is therefore one of the most interesting SEO areas, especially for the chains of stores. It is an essential channel today to increase visits to the physical store.

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International SEO

After years in which they considered digital channels as a secondary theme, often delegating activities to the local level, today the great Made in Italy brands are regaining control over digital communication at a global level , especially if they sell via e-commerce. This trend has made it very important to develop SEO strategies on multicountry / multilanguage sites that require specific attention to correctly plan investments based on market SEO attractiveness and to avoid errors in domain architecture design, in market / edition and market / language correspondence of the site . We analyze, design and implement SEO strategies that can minimize the risks of positioning errors and maximize the SEO efficiency of the activities on content and trusts in the target countries.


For many years SEO has been considered a purely B2C activity. Although the size of a market, in terms of audience, is an essential aspect in evaluating the ROI of SEO investments, today we notice an increasingly strong interest from B2B players, especially if it is excellence in their respective sectors at a global level. In this way, the monitoring of technical topics and terms can favor the increase of awareness and visibility in the sector even in new markets, greatly reducing the investment for the first monitoring of the market.

We design and implement visibility strategies for technical topics and B2B research at an international level, in new or already active markets, on any language.

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SEO Brand Reputation

In general, the duration of a reputation crisis of a brand, a company or a person is relatively short: in a few weeks the crisis in newspapers, TV and social networks subsides.

On search engines years later it is still possible to find strongly negative articles when looking for the brand, the company or the name of those who have suffered the reputation crisis. The number of searches on this type of keyword is often very high.

We develop Brand protection strategies aimed at improving the reputation of the brand, company or person in the eyes of the audience and search engines, to cancel the impact of negative articles (which continue to exist, but are gradually less visible) on users’ judgment.