SEO Services in NEW YORK


Indexing and Organic Positioning on Search Engines

We are able to manage the indexing and positioning of websites on the main search engines, able to increase the traffic to the site and improve conversion rates for a return in terms of contacts and the possibility of increasing and developing your business.

An increasing number of companies and companies of various sizes are present on the Internet with their own website; online presence and visibility are now indispensable to attract new users and to develop business locally, nationally and internationally. Thousands of users are connected online every day, browse, search for information through search engines.

SEO Services – Website Positioning

For many, Search Engines represent the starting point for finding useful information and new sites: they are the real reference point for surfing the Internet. As the number of corporate and institutional sites grows, conquering and maintaining visibility for your site becomes increasingly difficult.

A good positioning of the site on search engines corresponds to a sure increase in daily visits by users, which translates into an increase in visibility and consequently in potential customers.

The indexing of the website and subsequent positioning in the main search engines also contributes to strengthening one’s image by retaining the user loyalty to the brand: a good SEO service , in fact, improves and strengthens the credibility of your brand , of the products and services offered and promoted by the company. The goal of our SEO services is to constantly take care of the visibility of the sites in the context of the main Search Engines, Google in primis.

The ” organic ” and ” sponsored ” positioning on search engines is today one of the most effective web marketing tools with a high conversion rate. The indexing and positioning service allows to increase the selected traffic of visitors on its site and to convert it into a flow of contacts in line with company objectives. The optimization and positioning of the website are important in order to receive target visits, i.e. users interested in what the company offers.

The optimization and registration procedure requires an accurate preparation of the website ( on-page factors ) so that it can be in the top positions of the engines themselves; our method of programming and content management, classification according to a taxonomic scheme, logical division into categories and sub-categories, allows an adequate indexing on the basis of selected terminology that recalls the context of the sector, products and / or services offered.

Over time we have implemented techniques ( White Hat ), solid and effective procedures to cover all the key elements of a successful SEO strategy that aims to achieve the desired results. SEO is guided by the changing algorithms of the search engines that frequently update their calculation criteria and ranking attribution, from social influence to the relevant local search: these aspects make SEO even more competitive and, therefore, adequate and constant updating is necessary.

Everything we do for our customers has a single well-targeted goal, namely to generate the best possible results to help grow their online business: we do not use any magic tools but we use our decades of experience combined with the latest SEO techniques to in order to guarantee our customers effective and long-lasting results.