How to Remove Negative Reviews from Google?

Google My Business is a great advantage for all those who have a commercial activity and want to increase their visibility on Google.

Those who choose to register their company with Google My Business,  however,  should know that, in addition to obtaining a series of advantages, they will meet Google My Business reviews , and therefore also negative reviews on Google My Business . Discounted, you say? Well, not really: some people don’t reflect on it before, and only evaluate the benefits.

When our work is evaluated improperly, especially if publicly, the sense of frustration and anger can take over, but on this article I will try to arouse your thoughts: when can a review be really considered negative? And quietly, I will also answer the question that probably led you to this article: ” How to eliminate negative reviews from Google ?”

Why are negative Google My Business reviews not always a disadvantage?

Let’s point out one thing: any review we receive, whether positive or negative, gives you a way to enter into a relationship with customers. It is a moment of exchange, of confrontation, of growth.

Furthermore, if you respond diplomatically to a negative review , if you give contextualized explanations and you do not try to climb on the mirrors, if you apologize when it is appropriate, you will make a beautiful figure and you will have the opportunity to communicate your position, your values.

But also to show your attention to the customer, your ability to be reasonable and not to lose patience. You won’t throw yourself at customers, will you ?! You will not insult even those who criticize you and you will not respond in an angry way: you will respond in kind but with ways of intelligent entrepreneur.

Your potential customers will decide whether to rely on you and your products based on how you approach criticism and attacks.

That said, let’s see how you can proceed to remove reviews Google My Business and if you can disable the Google reviews .

Delete reviews from Google: it’s not always possible:

I give you bad news: it is not always possible to delete a negative review  from Google . And I’ll give you an even worse one, news: Google My Business members can’t turn off Google reviews . So, if you decide to appear on Google Maps, you will have to take the beautiful and the ugly. The reviews are essential Google My Business from the rest of the service. The only thing you can do is … improve, improve your services and products.

But let’s face it, let’s see how to eliminate the negative Google My Business reviews .

1- Contact the reviewer

If the negative review you have been asked to believe is due to a misunderstanding or your mistake then I always advise you to respond to the customer . This is the most civil and constructive attitude.

Let’s take an example where your intervention could make the difference. Suppose you have a pizza restaurant, and a customer will write this to you:

Definitely a bad review, but you can take advantage of it . If you show yourself open to confrontation and problem solving, you will give a positive message to those who read that review. For example, you could answer: “We really regret that you had a negative experience. In fact, customer satisfaction is our priority. Come back and see us, we will make sure that you can spend a pleasant evening, and we hope that your feedback can become as positive as those we are used to receiving. ”

At this point you will have two options:

The reviewer will ignore you and keep the review unchanged. Certainly, however, your answer will have softened the tone and whoever reads will notice your availability and your education, as well as your interest in recovering an error that can happen to anyone.

The reviewer will come back to see you, you will do so to satisfy his needs and give him a discount. He will gladly change the review.

In any case, it is always better to answer than to pretend nothing has happened. Our possible customer also wants to see how we respond to criticism. Please note that even positive comments are advantageous to answer: remember that you do not answer only to the reviewer, but that intervening and interacting puts you in contact with any reader on the other side.

This is true however for sincere and relevant reviews. Because sometimes the competition also puts us on the move . In this case you will have to pay even more attention to how you respond.

Don’t insinuate anything, but politely disputes if criticism is made that in any way can be true.

2- Report the comment as inappropriate

Google has established rules on reviews, and by referring to their official document we can clearly identify inadequate reviews and report them, requesting their removal. The guidelines state that it is possible to request the removal of a review in these cases:

  • The review contains spam or advertising
  • The review contains phone numbers or links
  • The review is decontextualized and not relevant
  • Bad or offensive language is used
  • Illegal contents are present
  • At the base of the review there is a demonstrable conflict of interest
  • Presents copyrighted content
  • Presents sexual, violent or hate-motivating content
  • An identity is stolen or the publication is released on behalf of third parties

In one of these cases you can proceed with reporting to Google . Such as? We must first log in to  Google My Business and then  select the comment as inappropriate . On the next screen, Google will ask you to specify the reason for the request, offering you some of the alternatives indicated above: you will have to select the one that appears most suitable and submit the request.

The removal of the comment will only happen if the staff of Google deems that reporting is justified. If you encounter difficulties or if no one answers you within a week you can contact the  Google My Business help center .

3- Report the user

Fake users also exist on Google , and sometimes they can be identified. If a user has created an account specifically  to leave his negative review to your company you will understand it from the unlikely name, from the missing photo, from non-existent contacts. In this case you can report the user : if Google deletes the account then its comment will also disappear.

4- Proceed by legal means

The most extreme attempt is this: proceed with legal removal using the right to be forgotten.

“With the term” right to be forgotten “means, in law, a particular form of guarantee that provides for the non-diffusion, without particular reasons, of previous prejudicial honor of a person, for these being intended primarily as judicial precedents of a person.
Obviously in this case you will need the advice of a lawyer who will be able to tell you in advance if your request is admissible or not.

For more information on  removal for legal reasons, you can read them on Google’s official guide .

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You may not always have negative reviews removed ; however you can reply with diplomacy to show you are interested in the client’s interests and open to dialogue. If there is a conflict of interest behind the negative review, you can behave accordingly and choose whether:

  • Report The Comment As Inappropriate
  • Report The User
  • Proceed By Legal Means

In any case, work with care and precision in order to prevent problems, not having to get to remove negative reviews from Google My Business  and also to have the elements that allow you to defend yourself from possible criticism.


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