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Associated studies operating in the field of medicine and assistance: polyclinics, dermatologists, psychologists, clinics.

If you got here, you will agree with me that having a professional website is important for a doctor’s office .

I guess you would use it to promote your doctor’s office, make your professionalism known and find new customers. Always on the subject, you would be happy to give useful information and advice, in the medical field, to your users through the articles of your blog.

A medical website must comply with the rules laid down by the Medical Orders Regulations in the field of Advertising and Health Information on the Web.

On this page we will give you some simple tips on how to create a website that is beautiful , original and effective for promoting your business.

Web Digital Media Group is professional website development also for associated studies operating in the field of medicine and assistance: outpatient clinics, dermatologists, psychologists, clinics.

Medical practice websites: the importance of planning

In the first phase of website design, it is essential to establish what the strategic objectives of your website are, to understand the needs of potential customers and to know and draw useful ideas from the main competitors and how they promote themselves on the web.

Next you need to create a website map, defining what are the main pages, what is the structure and what are the contents that will appear on each page.

Some examples of Websites for medical practices and outpatient clinics created by our Web Agency:

  1. com
  3. nl

Websites for doctors: Here’s what should never be missing based on our experience

Home Page:

In this section you will have to enter the presentation of your study , the medical staff and the list of services offered.

Page About Us:

It is important for a doctor to underline the professionalism and seriousness of his team in order to transmit security to potential customers and immediately create a relationship of trust with them. For this, we suggest you to insert the CVs and photos of the medical staff in order to reassure the customers of your competence and increase the possibility that they book a visit.

Services page:

We also suggest that you provide a list of all the services that your studio offers and in which it specializes. It is important to create specific pages for each service, in which to provide detailed information.

Page What they say about us:

Another way to convey confidence to your potential patients is to create a section in which to show your customers’ reviews , in which they tell their experiences and provide ratings.

Contact Page:

On this page you will have to enter the contacts and the address of your diagnostic center . Enter this information in other pages to facilitate users to contact you.

Booking Form Page:

You could add a section with a booking form, so patients can book a specialist visit online without having to call the doctor’s office.

Page News and Insights:

To keep your website up to date you could create a news and insights section. You could insert articles written by you or your staff, which may be interesting for your users. In addition, we recommend you to publish the news of the world of medicine in order to keep your customers informed and loyal.


FAQ page :

You could create a section in which to insert the most frequently asked questions that are asked to you to provide simple and concise answers. This way, you can help solve small user problems.

In addition to the contents, there are other elements that contribute to making a website for a medical practice professional and effective, here are some aspects that you should not overlook.

What are the main technical characteristics of your website for diagnostic centers:

Associated studies operating in the field of medicine and assistance: polyclinics, dermatologists, psychologists, clinics.


To have an original and professional website you don’t necessarily have to rely on “special effects” or “sparkling colors”, but it is important to take care of the details , not only the contents, but also the graphics: we recommend you use a clean, minimal and with well balanced colors.

Layout and navigation system:

Another feature to pay close attention to is the layout, i.e. the navigation system within your site for polyclinics. To have a correct and intuitive navigation menu , just follow some User Experience suggestions, such as:

  • Building a logical navigation architecture in a hierarchy that makes sense
  • Keep the navigation as superficial as possible trying to avoid the construction of navigation structures nested within the site, where a visitor can get lost
  • Place the buttons, drop-down lists and other items in logical locations where a typical user expects to find them
  • Use understandable language for your target audience

Mobile optimization (responsive site):

Also, don’t forget to optimize your website for mobile, to better adapt it to the size of the different devices, because most of the searches are carried out from smartphones and tablets … it is therefore essential to have a responsive website design.

SEO optimization for medical practices websites:

Make sure that your content is optimized at SEO level ( positioning on search engines ): you have to make sure that your website for diagnostic studies is well positioned on Google, checking the actual searches of your potential customers. The SEO is also affected by the loading time of the page and the way in which search engines crawl and l ‘ indexing of your website . Remember that SEO must be part of your project from the start.


The choice of hosting , to make your website fast, is important both for the user experience, who would be annoyed by a slow site, and for the positioning on Google and on the search engines, so choose carefully hosting professional.

Content quality:

Try to provide interesting content, in short paragraphs or even videos, and give useful information to make users come back to your website .


The credibility of your doctor’s office is the key to doing business online, especially if you are a doctor: take care of all the details and provide the basic information of the study (tax information, contact details, possibility of getting in touch easily).

Social integration:

Finally, don’t forget to integrate your presence on social platforms to increase your positioning on search engines.

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