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Even those who are not particularly web savvy now know that  online reputation  is one of the most important elements for deciding the success or failure of a company or business. The Internet, in fact, represents a fundamental showcase that allows you to come into contact with a very large audience, capture its attention and retain its loyalty to the brand. The  online reputation management , then, is a fundamental aspect that you must know and steer carefully to be able to win the competitive challenge of the web. Here are all the tricks of the trade to improve  reputation on the web , especially taking advantage of the SEO aspect.

What is online reputation

We often hear about  internet reputation  but few know what it actually is. The  online reputation  is the set of opinions that users have of a particular brand or product. It could be defined as the complex of what is said and written about a specific product on the web: a very particular concept which includes social media, opinion blogs, comparison forums but also the online press and any other means necessary for to spread an opinion or information.

The  web reputation  is not built in a single day but is the precious fruit of a great job done over time and certainly it is not created spontaneously. Behind a good  online reputation there is a great and patient work that must first of all include a basic strategy and must foresee a constant application and a continuous commitment. In fact, letting users talk wildly and disorganized about their corporate brand means leaving an uncultivated vegetable garden where competition could find fertile ground to conquer new market segments. It follows that the   online commercial reputation is a precious asset that must be preserved and constantly improved so as to have very positive implications also as regards offline reputation which can be translated with a single concept: increase in sales.

Why web reputation is important

It is fairly easy to understand why a company’s web reputation is so important. Just to give some examples, almost 4 million searches are made every 60 seconds on Google. In fact, before choosing a product or purchasing a service, users want to know the opinions of other customers who previously tried and appreciated the good in question.

A good online reputationtherefore it becomes the tool to be able to convince an ever increasing number of individuals to try a product or service. There are many sector researches that testify to the value of a good review: portals such as Tripadvisor rather than Thefork testify that in a sector such as catering, only the places that collect many positive reviews are rewarded by the choice of the public. This occurs in every product sector if it is true that about 54% of users choose a brand more easily if they have read positive opinions online. Data too heavy not to decide to devote oneself scientifically and strategically to the cultivation of one’s web reputation. Obviously you have to do it in a reasoned way.

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Differences between online reputation and brand awareness

The difference between online reputation and seo awareness may seem very subtle but in reality it is substantial. The first, in fact, refers to all the opinions that users have of a brand while the second relates to the number of people who know the brand. Which of the two is more important to win the competitive challenge of the market? The answer is very simple: both. It is true, in fact, that it is very important that users have a positive opinion of a company and that they speak well of the same online by bringing optimistic testimonies and encouraging other users to buy the product or service.

It is true, however, that a positive opinion that however concerns a limited number of users is not able to generate traffic to the site and increase sales. Online reputation and brand awareness must therefore be equally cared for and never overlooked. Finally, seo awareness is a very effective way to develop both of these spheres. Obviously it is not the only one as very valid tools in this sense are also social networks, blogs and opinion and information portals, all means by which users can freely express their opinion.

How online reputation management takes place

A company that decides to invest in online reputation management must first proceed with a careful analysis of the initial situation. Web reputation, in fact, begins to spontaneously create itself and is not a phenomenon that can be blocked. Rather, one must learn to manage this phenomenon and to exploit it in its favor. The analysis must take into account all the comments concerning your company without neglecting the negative ones. A criticism, when constructive, can in fact be a moment of growth and in any case does not represent in itself a negative element. Rather, it becomes so when it is not handled properly and abandoned to itself without a replica. Surely the main tool of online reputation is the weapon of quality. When a company bases its products or service on the high quality level, users are quick to recognize it by rewarding the brand with positive and favorable reviews. However, targeted communication actions, online events, etc. must not be missing.

SEO is certainly a tool that indirectly can contribute to spreading brand awareness and user opinions. It is important to remember, in fact, that theSEO awareness does not only consist in creating numerous links to one’s own online site but above all quality links with equally authoritative sites: only in this way allows Google to attribute a very high ranking to the site, positioning it in the first pages of the search results. In this sense, an online PR activity with targeted press office actions that will allow the publication of news and packaged articles to improve the general opinion of the brand as well as its knowledge will also be very useful.




Monitor your online reputation for free

Building and managing your online reputation is only part of the job a company needs to do. Once you have achieved your goal, in fact, you need to constantly monitor the web reputation to ensure that you maintain optimal levels of reputation. Monitoring your internet reputation must be a daily task but fortunately there are many tools and software currently on the market that allow you to check your reputation online for free. If, in fact, a large company can entrust this task to companies specialized in the sector, the problem becomes more pressing for companies that do not have a large budget available. Fortunately, nowadays, you are spoiled for choice and you simply need to find the most suitable type of software for your needs.

The best products for monitoring online reputation for free allow you to scan the web in a complete way, searching within social profiles but also from blogs and less frequented sites. This guarantees the company to know in real time the opinions issued and to make the necessary corrections for the management, above all of the negative comments. The network and the web never stop and it is necessary to use suitable tools that are equally performing and tireless. This guarantees the company to know in real time the opinions issued and to make the necessary corrections for the management, above all of the negative comments. The network and the web never stop and it is necessary to use suitable tools that are equally performing and tireless. This guarantees the company to know in real time the opinions issued and to make the necessary corrections for the management, above all of the negative comments. The network and the web never stop and it is necessary to use suitable tools that are equally performing and tireless.

Who to turn to to enhance their online reputation with SEO

From what has been said so far, it is quite clear how dealing with one’s online reputation is an obligatory step for all 2.0 companies. Surely you have to rely on those who do it by trade, such as our web agency and seo agency .

Companies that are more structured and that present much more complex situations must absolutely turn to specialized companies in the sector that manage the online reputation of the client companies as soon as possible. Especially in the case of strengthening the online reputation with SEO, it is necessary to turn to experts in the sector who know how to make the best use of SEO techniques not only to position the company site but also to improve the opinion of users. In fact, finding the right balance between all the elements is not a simple exercise and you have to rely on real experts in the field.


Whatever the final decision is, however, one element is certainly very clear. The online reputation is too important to be overlooked by companies wishing to attract and retain a growing share of the market.


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