Programmings languages to work with dot net and PHP.

Most requested programming languages to work

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What are the programmings languages ​​most used by programmers and required by the world of work that is worth learning?

Programming The economic crisis may have affected salaries and the type of employment contract, but certainly a good programmer will never be unemployed, especially if he has studied the right languages ​​for modern computer activities.

The demand for computer programmers has been growing for several years, for some more than others, depending on which and how many codes they know.

That of programming is, theoretically, a job that everyone can do that can be learned at any age, from childhood.

Both for those who would like to start programming as a hobby, and for those who are determined to study to become a programmer or professional developer, let’s see what the most used programming languages are ​​and, therefore, most requested by the labor market (it is not a ranking).

For each of these languages, we also leave a link to find a tutorial or a guide to learn more and, if desired, also to learn independently by studying on your own.

1) Java

Java is always one of the most popular languages ​​for developing applications, in particular for developing apps for Android or for new smart devices (Smart TV, Smart Auto etc.).

With Java and the frameworks based on this language, developers can create scalable Web applications for a wide variety of users.

If we try to find any ad for programmers, this language is omnipresent, so it’s better to learn it right away.

For a guide to the Java language, we can go to the site

2) C

The C language is still quite popular because it allows you to develop small, light and fast software.

Once you have learned its mechanisms, it becomes very easy to switch from one language to another (especially with more modern ones).

3) Python

Who knows how to work with Python can do almost everything: web applications, user interfaces, data analysis, statistics and much more.

Python is also used as a search tool to process huge databases, in any sector.

If we had never heard of it before, it would be better to update and study this language, so as to be ready to respond to the ads that require it (more and more).

The site is great to start with.

4) C ++

If you prefer a programming language that allows you to connect the hardware to the software to get the most out of processing power then you can study C ++, an ideal choice for developing powerful desktop software, hardware-accelerated games and high-intensity applications of memory for PCs, consoles and mobile devices.

Anyone who knows Java should have no difficulty in learning C ++, we can safely say that starting from

C ++, you can learn almost any other programming language, weather permitting.

In addition to, good is the C ++ guide in Italian of

5) SQL

Without a shadow of a doubt one of the most requested languages ​​can only be the one for the creation of databases, in particular for MySQL databases . SQL is not a programming language, but a language for querying relational databases, which is the basis of all the work that has to do with databases, including websites.

6) JavaScript

If you know Java, it also becomes easy to write JavaScript codes for websites, in order to make them more dynamic and interactive with various types of automation (such as adapting to the user’s screen, performing targeted searches, resizing images, etc.).

Knowing JavaScript programming becomes quite natural to use both Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) and jQuery scripts.

Even for a preliminary guide to Javascript, seems up to date and competent.

7) C #

C # is the main language for development on Microsoft platforms and services and modern Azure and .NET web applications.

Learning C # is therefore the fastest way to create programs optimized for Windows and take advantage of everything that the Microsoft platform offers.

Also, for video game enthusiasts, C # is the language of the popular Unity online game development engine.

For a guide to C # we can go to the Microsoft site .

8) Ruby

The easy to learn and incredibly powerful Ruby language powers many of the most popular web applications around the world.

Increasingly in demand in the field of Web applications, it is worthwhile to learn it so as to be ready for every request from the employer.

The most complete Italian guide to learning how to program in Ruby is certainly that of the Ciaburro site

9) Objective-C

Objective-C allows you to create applications for the iOS world, therefore for iPhone or iPad.

Knowing how to program with Objective-C and XCode, Apple’s official software development tool, there will be really no technical barriers in publishing an app on the iTunes store, just create your own app and publish it (both free and with various forms of payment , from in-app purchases to subscriptions).

If we know the C language, it becomes easy to approach and understand Objective-C. offers a free preliminary guide to Objective-C in Italian.

10) Swift

The Swift programming language (from Apple) is among the most recent but is already considered as one of the languages ​​to know by force, because it allows to develop applications for Mac and iPhone, or some of the most used platforms in the business environment.

The power of Swift and the friendly syntax make it possible for anyone with a Mac to create the next successful application for iOS or Mac OS X.

While on we can find an initial guide in Italian, to have a complete overview of the Swift language you must visit the site

11) Perl

Perl is a very powerful language and a key component for those who want to work in the security sector.

Perl is still considered a fundamental tool for all IT professionals.

Knowing how to use Perl scripts, it should also be a walk to learn Python which is easier.

Guide to Perl once again on

12) Visual Basic

Visual Basic is a fundamental language of the .NET platform, to create business applications and automate programs such as Excel to carry out very complex operations and to lighten the most common and repeated tasks.

More than a request in itself, learning to program in Visual Basic will save a lot of time during our work.

On the Microsoft site , the guide to Visual Basic in Italian

13) PHP

Those who want to work on websites will have to learn PHP, the language most internet sites are developed with. PHP and MySQL databases are essential tools for creating modern web applications, to the point that they are required together in a job offer.

Given that studying PHP is not that difficult, it can be useful not only to work, but also to create your own site or blog with platforms like Word press, which can be used even without knowing codes, but which allows those who develop in PHP to make the site clearly more powerful and beautiful to look at.

Obviously then studying PHP you also quickly learn to write web pages in HTML and use CSS style sheets.

If we dream of creating our site from scratch or want to build sites for companies, PHP is the programming language we need to learn.

To start with PHP, good is the guide in Italian on the website

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