Structure an email marketing funnel and Creating an email marketing.

How to structure an email marketing funnel.

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Dealing with the topic of email marketing funnel is dangerous because it tends to simplify a process that is quite edgy. In reality it is just a topic that claims a good level of skills even in the entry level phase. In other words, to start with you need a solid foundation in both general and specific terms. So you have to have web marketing knowledge.


At the same time, you need clear skills in relation to the email marketing theme. With all that this discipline entails, for example the management of programs for sending masses e-mail, persuasive copywriting, data analysis, artificial intelligence and more.

Creating an email marketing campaign means putting together different aspects that touch different skills. But first of all, there is the methodological point: how to organize an email marketing funnel ? But then, in fact, what are we talking about? Here are some more details.

  • What is a funnel in the world of email marketing?
  • First you need to generate raw traffic
  • Attention to the email marketing program
  • Feed the contacts in the list (lead nurturing)
  • Create an item to convert
  • How to create a good email marketing funnel?

What is a funnel in the world of email marketing?

This term means a path that starts from a broad user base, even if targeted and built with the audience in mind, and then reaches a core of highly profiled potential customers. And inclined to the final conversion that can be linked to:

  • Buying an asset.
  • Reservation of a service.
  • Registration for an event.
  • Software download.

The purposes are endless . This method goes perfectly with the concept of inbound marketing , which suggests reaching people when they need you.

This reasoning also applies to the universe of content sent via e-mail , taking advantage of the possibility of gathering with a single submission a high number of contacts that (at least in theory) have expressed a desire to be contacted. But how to structure it all?

Techniques that work in B2B

  • First you need to generate raw traffic

The concept is clear: to make email marketing you need contacts. To conquer the goal you have to generate traffic to a page that can do lead generation, that is to capture the resources needed to communicate with people later.

To build a funnel you need a basic strategy, a study capable of identifying the target and the objectives to be achieved. But, in the operational phase, you need to get yourself a good email marketing program to build your contact list . First we need content:

  • Blog articles.
  • EBook to download.
  • Forms and researches.
  • Discounts and trial versions.
  • White paper.
  • Case studies and presentations.

These are the famous lead magnets, which are baits that allow the author to get emails. In summary, I create something extremely interesting and I advertise it with landing pages that I push with Facebook Ads , Ad Words, blog posts and other noteworthy solutions.

Attention to the email marketing program

People sign up to download the document or maybe get the free version of a software and enter your list. This is where the email marketing funnel begins  .

To record a good result you always have to pay attention to the program you choose to activate this work: having a professional platform like Mailchimp, Mailup and Sendblaster (just to mention the main names) allows you to make a contact rating to eliminate any useless emails, organize lists based on interests and goals, create emails with templates designed to reap the best results. And write perfect newsletters for desktop and mobile.

Feed the contacts in the list (lead nurturing)

Now that you have structured the database with potentially interested contacts, or leads , can you start selling the product or service to your work? Wrong, often this is just the best way to get people out of your newsletter and from the list you’ve built.


  • inbound marketing
  • The funnel according to Moz.

At this point you have to build a good lead nurturing dynamic, which is the work needed to feed the people who have given you confidence. For this you have to make sure that individuals find a good reason to remain faithful to your activity and create, in fact, a path that goes from the top of funnel to the middle and finally to the bottom. What does it mean in detail?

This difference is given by the organization of the contents in order to feed the lead with increasingly specific and conversion- oriented updates . The last step should be the one dedicated to the sale. But it is not so, there is something different.

Create an item to perform the conversion

You start with emails with simple contents, then you share specific documents and finally work so as to send a passage that transforms a profile that has demonstrated a specific interest (prospect) into a possible client. So here we work with all the steps that can facilitate the conversion. Type discounts, free versions of a product or service and other sales messages.


inbound marketing phases

But remember that true conversion, at least in an inbound marketing perspective, is not just about selling but also about retention. That is the possibility of turning the simple customer into an evangelist, a person enthusiastic about what you do.

How to create a good email marketing funnel?

In this article I leave a starting point for setting the path to reach the right realities and then send content capable of creating a path that feeds the leads , the theoretically interested people to what you do, until they become prospects and finally customers.

But also ambassadors of the brand that remain tied to what you do and find texts, videos and images useful. Do you think it works for the business? Have you created an email marketing funnel ?