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Receive expert and secure website repair services for your hacked website today, complete with backup. We provide nationwide service from Houston, TX. Our immediate website code removal service typically takes 3 to 4 hours and costs between $100 to $150. Have your website up and running today!

Why WDMG To Retrive Website When You Found Your Website Has been compromised!

WDMG, an insured company based in Texas, specializes in repairing hacked websites to ensure website privacy. Since 2013, we have been providing nationwide services to fix all kinds of website errors. Our experienced team is available at +1 8588791912 to repair hacked websites and remove malware code to restore existing websites.

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Is my Website Hacked? How To Know That

While browsing the internet using Google Chrome, you may encounter warning messages or be redirected to other websites. Additionally, if you are using WordPress, you may experience issues when trying to log in as an admin. If your website has been hacked, your hosting provider may serve you with a suspension notice that requires immediate malware removal. We will diagnose the issue promptly and provide you with a list of recommended actions before proceeding with any necessary repairs to your hacked website.

We are ready to help you today to bring your website LIVE!

Our services include scanning hacked websites, removing malware code, and providing future protection. We prioritize quick restoration of the website to its live state. Contact us today to have your hacked website fixed.

How can we understand that our website has been hacked or compromised?

The Symptoms of the phishing attack and process to remove malware from the website.
Symptom of Hacked Website

If you’re concerned about removing malware or phishing from your website, there are two options: manual removal or using software/plugins. In the event of a hacked website, contacting your hosting provider immediately can provide a quick solution. If we’re contacted to repair the website, our aim is to prevent further attacks by blocking the upload of malicious files and placing them in quarantine. Change your cPanel/ftp passwords. Use .access or cPanel > Deny IP to block the hacker’s HTTP access to your site. If you identified the hacker’s IP address, one site where you can look it up to get more information about this IP is Cleaning the full website to run as safe.

Maintaining a website free of errors is a universal desire, particularly in relation to business reputation. In the event of a hack or malware attack, users or administrators may encounter login issues or find that the website’s title contains unfamiliar words. The homepage may display an error message, and the hosting company may suspend hosting until inquiries are answered or malware is removed from the WordPress site.

WordPress Login Errors!

Hacked Website Repair Our service involves removing malware code that causes redirection and restoring your website within a short timeframe. If you use WordPress, we suggest that you check your website’s SSL status if you suspect it has been hacked or is displaying errors such as logging or redirection. WordPress users may encounter a red screen indicating HTTPS errors.


To determine if a website has been hacked or infected with malware, we offer a free consultation for WordPress website malware removal services. After conducting a preliminary diagnosis, we promptly inform clients of the status and estimated turnaround time. Before hiring someone to fix the issue, WordPress users should provide admin ID and Password. Uninstalling and reinstalling plugins may also be necessary to refresh the website. E-commerce and payment gateway websites are especially vulnerable to attacks, but we are prepared to assist at all times. Urgent services are available to quickly restore or make a website live again.

Is Consultation is Free!

If you require assistance in repairing your hacked website or removing malware code, we offer a free consultation today. Our specialty lies in repairing hacked websites and we thoroughly analyze the nature and impact of the issue. Our team of experienced developers is dedicated to providing immediate repair services for WordPress hacked websites upon hiring. We begin our process by conducting a scan to identify the extent of the problem and provide recommendations before commencing with cleaning work on your website. If you are seeking a reliable service that offers data backup, you have come to the right place. In cases where you are unable to log in or your website has been redirected to another site, it is likely that your website has been hacked. At times, Google may also indicate this.

If you’re concerned that your website has been hacked, don’t fret – we’ve got you covered from Houston! Our services cater to clients nationwide and we specialize in providing information on hacked websites, as well as updated design and repair techniques. Our aim is not just to scan, clean and repair your website, but also to educate you on how to prevent future hacks. For WordPress users, it’s important to exercise caution when using free plugins and ensure they are regularly updated to avoid any potential issues. With our detailed guidance, you’ll be able to identify when your website has been hacked.

It is incorrect to assume that your website is immune to hacking. Even highly skilled hackers can easily hack into websites, regardless of their size. Our team at Fix Website Issues has handled numerous cases where both big and small websites have fallen victim to largely automated attacks. If you’re wondering what measures can be taken to prevent such attacks, rest assured that most hacked websites can be repaired easily. The extent of the damage depends on the type of attack that was launched against the website.

When a cyber-criminal or group of cyber-criminals deploy harmful code to attack a website, it becomes a hacked website. Users are often unaware if their website has been hacked. Once a website has errors or has been hacked, attackers can easily manipulate valuable data belonging to both the user and owner. They can view keystrokes and store login credentials for social accounts, online banking, and transactions. If you’re in Houston, TX, take advantage of our specialized hacked website repair service.

In addition, a website hack can put the sensitive data of millions of users at risk. This confidential information becomes public, allowing anyone to view the user’s and owner’s details. Hackers may also tamper with the website content, replacing legitimate information with false data and unwanted images to intimidate the website owners. They may even insert malicious code that redirects users to harmful pages. It is crucial to address a hacked website promptly to prevent further damage. Expert cleaning is necessary before the infection spreads. The Fix Website Issues team is available to help restore hacked websites and recover all data to restore their functionality.

Our nationwide team of experienced professionals is equipped to assist website owners. Our developers are prepared to quickly diagnose issues, create backups, eliminate malware, and restore websites promptly.

Hacked Website Repair Process.

The Key Concepts. Must Read It Prior Planning for Website Design or SEO Agency.

If you have discovered that your website has been hacked, you may be unsure of what steps to take next. However, there is no need to worry as we have a comprehensive guide that outlines the various ways in which you can effectively repair a hacked website. Let’s explore these options together.

Tell your Host:

Once you discover that your website has been hacked, it is imperative that you inform your hosting company. They possess superior knowledge about your server compared to you and can quickly identify the location of the malware. Additionally, they must conduct a scan on other clients’ websites that share the same server as yours.

Research on your own:

Once you have contacted your hosting company, conduct your own investigation. Look for online companies that offer assistance in this area. If your hosting company did not detect any threats, seek the advice of reputable security professionals. Seek answers to your concerns by posting queries on various online forums.

Closing down your website:

Shutting down your website can serve as a preventive measure against hackers causing additional damage. Additionally, this action guarantees that users are unable to reach your compromised website, thus protecting their personal information.

Throughout this process, you have the option to contact the hosting company and ask for your website to be deactivated. After deactivating, carefully analyze each page and account to remove any suspicious accounts or data.

Search console:

Using a search console, it is possible to fix a hacked website. To do so, you need to sign in to the console with your Google account, then add your website’s URL by selecting “Add a site” after logging in. Choose the simplest method of verifying your website’s authority. Our goal is always to resolve WordPress issues and keep the website operational.

It is important to verify if the hacker has already claimed ownership of your website. Typically, hackers make unauthorized alterations to their sites. By controlling your website through the search console, you can revoke their access.

Nature of attack:

Your site can be targeted by hackers using various methods. Each type of attack requires a specific recovery process. The message centre and search consoles provide details on security concerns and attacks. Malware and spam are common methods used by hackers. Malware attacks may result in an error message indicating a database connection issue or display the warning “This site may harm your computer.” Spam attacks may display the message “This site may be hacked.

To carry out a malware attack, one must possess expertise in SQL queries and shell terminal commands.

To remedy a hacked website that has been attacked with spam, the most time-consuming approach is to gather all the corrupted data files.

Check for vulnerability:

Simply fixing one attack does not guarantee the complete security of your website. It is important to thoroughly examine every file on your business website and utilize security tools to scan it. Conduct comprehensive testing of your website to identify any remaining threats that may still exist.

In addition to running antivirus software, we also manually check for vulnerabilities. Our company specializes in website repair and offers nationwide services to restore hacked websites and resolve database errors.

Cleared and maintained site:

Getting rid of unwanted files and URLs created by hackers is an effective method for cleaning your website. However, prior to initiating the cleaning process, it is essential to reach out to support resources. This is particularly crucial in the event of valuable information being stolen, as they can provide assistance.

In case you have added any new URLs to your website, you need to choose the Remove URL option in the search console to eliminate them.

To get your page indexed on Google, you can utilize the Fetch as Google feature in the search console.

Cleaning server side:

To proceed, ensure that all software updates are installed and eliminate any unused plug-ins. Retrieve the previously created backup files for the hacked site. Modify the passwords for all accounts associated with your sites.

Google review request:

Prior to requesting a review from Google, it is essential to verify your website and ensure that all the necessary steps have been completed.

In order to remove the dangerous or spam label from your site, you must ask Google for a review.


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WordPress Website Hacked Repair Service to Remove Malware.

WordPress Website has been hacked? Need to Fix it Immediately. We can scan the site real quick and fix it.

If our website is not functioning as expected, it could be a sign that our WordPress site is vulnerable. In such cases, it may be necessary to seek the assistance of an expert, especially if the site has been hacked. As a US-based company, we take all necessary precautions to safeguard your data by backing it up before working on any website. When using the WordPress CMS platform, it’s crucial to ensure that your password is secure and that all software and plugins are up to date. If you require help repairing a hacked website, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll work diligently to remove the hack and restore your site’s functionality.

WordPress Website Repair Process in Detail

1. Block access to the infected website

Preventing access to a contaminated website would prevent further harm or unauthorized entry into the site. The method of securing a website relies on the user's use of servers to access it. The type of access the user has to the servers also determines which sites can be blocked. To accomplish this, the individual must know how to obtain access to the website's folders. Next, they must navigate to the root folder of the website. Finally, a specific code must be added to ensure that only the user can access the infected website.

2. Manage the maintenance page

The maintenance page that appears by default on a website can be confusing, leading users to believe that the site is down due to an error on the maintenance page. To avoid this problem, simply create a folder called "maintenance" in the root directory of the website and add two files for the maintenance page. Then, generate a custom code for the maintenance page.

3. Redirecting the traffic to the maintenance page

During website downtime or maintenance, the most crucial tool is the redirecting tool. The primary tool for this purpose is HTAccess, which is widely utilized for temporarily redirecting pages for broken or infected websites. To apply the HTAccess tool, a specific code sequence is required, which can be easily created and added to the HTAccess file. After that, a maintenance page can be uploaded without the need to create it using HTML.

4. Debugging the website

Currently, efforts are being made to repair and secure the website that was hacked. The user must eliminate the hack by utilizing various tools designed to detect and notify the user of any suspicious source code. These tools are capable of scanning the website for malware and other harmful viruses. The initial step in debugging involves comparing the new code with that of the compromised website.

5. How to protect the website from being hacked

To safeguard websites from hackers and viruses, certain precautions must be taken by users. Weak security policies can allow websites to be hacked. The user should prioritize staying informed about the website's security and potential vulnerabilities. It is recommended to install a WAF on the user's device as it thoroughly scans all data sent or received through the site's server. Uploading excessive files may pose a risk of bugs or other threats to the website.