Graphic Design: A Fundamental Activity for Your Business

The dress does not make the monk, the appearance deceives, they are ways of saying that are used daily and with which we try to defend and demonstrate the importance of the substance rather than the image. But regardless of the work and market environment you want to approach, you need to dress your image in a coherent way, because everything that is communicated with a visual sign is of fundamental importance to define the identity of those who present themselves public.

The graphic design and its application in the business world become a key to the success of any business. In a world where the image (sometimes the appearance) plays an increasingly important role in every area, the impact with which we turn to an audience often decrees the success or failure of a business.

Precisely for this reason Web Digital Media Group also specializes in graphic design, offering customers a complete and professional service in this area so delicate for the life of a company. The image that is transmitted of its business is an integral part of its business project and for this reason it must not be underestimated or created superficially. If there is not a specialized graphic designer in your staff, seriously consider the idea of ​​turning to UP2, which has experts in the sector who can offer you a highly professional product.

The skills needed in this sector are very specific and for this reason there are experts in our team who are able to put their knowledge at the customer’s service to express a precise idea or suggestion with graphics.

It is not easy to be able to communicate with an graphic sign an idea, a company philosophy or a business project and for this reason our art directors, graphic designers and web designers will be at your complete disposal to understand with you which is the way to go. Undertake and then propose a complete image project for your reality. Each project is carefully studied in every detail, because attention to detail also makes the difference between a superficial and coarse project, and a valid and adequate one.

In any company, there are many tools that are used to communicate and through which messages are sent to all subjects external to the company, whether they are acquired or potential customers, or suppliers. To be effective, all these communication elements must be coherent with each other and must be integrated into a coordinated communication project.


Step by step our team will accompany you in the creation of this communicative world made of images and visual suggestions starting from the analysis of your business, your products, your market, to grasp its deep meaning and transforming them into colors, images, logos and therefore corporate identity.

Logo, corporate identity, website graphics, decorative elements for newsletters and communications, ideation of the packaging of your products and any other need will be the elements that will make up the “puzzle” of your communication and the identity of your company or of your products and services.

Creativity and passion are the fundamental ingredients that accompany Web Digital Media Group  work in the field of image design. Our creative projects are treated in detail and tailored to each customer.

If you want to restyle your company’s communication, if you are starting a new business and want to be ready to face the market in a positive way, all you have to do is contact us, explain what your needs are and together we will study the most suitable proposal. to you.

We create the right dress for your needs!

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Graphics are what unites technique and functionality with aesthetics. Whether applied to online or physical solutions, the results of graphic design have multidisciplinary roots: history, sociology, psychology, marketing. Therefore, graphics are a visual synthesis of an identity and its possible applications.

Visual identities

Visual identities








Just like a person, a company, product, service or event also needs its own visual identity that defines its salient features, character, values ​​on which it is based and style. In a process of close collaboration with the customer, we define the guidelines governing the visual elements necessary for the design of a unique, recognizable and memorable image in the market.

Publishing products

Publishing products









The graphics apply to the card. We study in detail the grids of the designs and the layout, in search of a compositional and functional harmony. For us, designing in publishing means creating an experience, as the product is also a design product, placed in a particular context and enjoyed by a specific audience.


Fittings Design

As in the editorial design, the graphics also acquire a special dimension in the installations: that of space. The graphics outline and dress the space, giving it a function and relating it to the outside world.

Online and offline

Perfect synergy between different channels

Our user-centered approach is based on the idea that visual identity and offline graphics have a strategic and decisive role as much as digital tools within communication strategies and on the user experience with the brand.

We combine brand identity with digital strategy and transform everything into content, products, services and campaigns, creating satisfying and engaging user experiences.

A strong identity for your business

We contribute to the creation of a strong identity for the brand, not only in digital media, but also in printed ones, creating unique designs for our customers.

We are partners of numerous professional photographers, videomakers and illustrators, to respond to a wide choice of stylistic varieties and always meet the needs of individual customers.

Give identity and character to your projects

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