Our Digital Marketing Services for Law Firms

We offer a digital marketing service for law firms designed specifically for the professional category of lawyers. The legal profession remains, in some ways, the category most refractory to the use of these tools. This distrust derives in part from the long-term ban imposed by the Code of Ethics. The use of advertising forms is still perceived today by many lawyers as inelegant, as pertaining to an inappropriate entrepreneurial vision of the profession. The forensic category, however, must not make the mistake of remaining detached from reality, thinking that today the traditional methods of communication are still sufficient to promote their business.

Reach New Customers with Digital Marketing For Law Firms

Today the client is more “unfaithful” towards his consultants than in the past. Those who need any type of service generally inquire and seek answers to their questions in ever wider audiences. The Internet has become the place to turn to for advice, to find information, to contact a professional. To give an example, the phrase “divorce lawyer in Milan” is searched on average over 1,000 times a month on Google. Not everyone, in fact, has lawyers or professionals among their knowledge to ask for advice. Not attempting to intercept the demand of such a large number of potential customers would be a fatal mistake today.

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Digital Marketing for Lawyers: A Made-To-Measure Packaged Approach

At Web Digital Media Group, we know the reality of law firms very closely, because we have long counted them among our clients. We have invested a lawyer in the management of legal marketing, who is well aware of the thorny dynamics and issues of “legal” communication. The communication plans for a law firm can be many, but they must have an essential aspect in common. The forensic profession carries with it a baggage of professional ethics and rigor that must not be affected, but on the contrary valued and brought to the attention of potential clients. This means that it is not necessary to indiscriminately use all the digital tools available today. Instead, it is advisable to study an approach tailored to the needs of those who want to keep up with the times.

We Connect Lawyers And Potential Customers With Digital Marketing Strategies For Law Firms

Italy is the European country with the largest number of lawyers. In this plethora of professionals, it’s not always easy to extricate yourself and emerge. Even for a client it can be difficult to find the right lawyer, competent and with adequate remuneration. In the era of Google and social media, word of mouth is no longer enough to connect lawyers and clients, and without the help of digital marketing you risk being cut off from the market.

For early career lawyers, the website is a way to make themselves known to new clients. For already established professionals, on the other hand, it represents a loyalty tool. Many professionals in the sector have understood that having a dedicated website:

  • Communicate to potential clients that the professional cares about his image;
  • Indicates that it wants to keep up with changing needs;
  • It gains credibility;
  • It has the effect of making yourself instantly recognizable by potential customers doing their own searches on the web.

The Main Digital Marketing Tools for Law Firms

The web marketing tools most suited to the professionalism of a lawyer and able to increase the visibility of the law firm, to acquire new clients, are:

  • The Web site;
  • The blog, to propose thematic contents of interest to one’s catchment area and strengthen an ongoing relationship with the customer;
  • The wise use of Google adwords;
  • The use of social networks with the help of a social media manager, who will avoid making the professional commit false steps in communication.

The contents created for digital marketing, in order to be effective, must be prepared with competence and precision. Furthermore, they must be written with a particular technique that makes them suitable to position themselves correctly on search engines. Our agency employs expert copywriters capable of creating optimal content for client websites and blogs.



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