Create a websites with Web Development easy and immediate service.

Create a websites with Webdigitalmediagroup to make easy and immediate service.

Do we need to make a site quickly? Let’s see how to create websites using webdigitalmediagroup, easy and immediate service.

If a person or a small company urgently needs a website and does not have time or resources to turn to a professional (even if it remains the best choice if we want to get quality work and be scalable in the future) today it is possible to create a site for free and in a short time without even knowing HTML or the other programming languages ​​typical of a website thanks to the numerous Web services that allow you to create websites in just a few clicks.


In this article we will focus on web applications that allow anyone to pay more attention to content and its completeness and correctness rather than wasting time learning and tweaking about the code.

In the first part we will show you the CMS that we can integrate to better manage the operational part of the site (add images, content, videos, products), while in the second part we will show you the online programs ( Builder web applications ) to use for free to create sites Web with just a few clicks .


1) The best CMS

CMSs are server software to create a website and subsequently manage its contents, so that it can be updated and modified at any time.

If we already have a web server and we don’t know how to “fill it”, choosing a CMS can be a good starting point.

If a CMS is free and full of options it will be a pleasure to use them on one of the services that we will list later, since we can place any type of CMS.

The best CMS (Custom Management System) we can use are:

WordPress : the most famous CMS, adaptable to any type of site or Web service.

It offers numerous extensions and plugins to speed up the daily work on the site, even if we have other assistants and editors who can help us in managing the site.

Ideal for those who want to manage an advanced blog or a generic site.

Joomla : another CMS widely used and appreciated for its flexibility and adaptability, very suitable for forum and aggregation sites.

Drupal : CMS less known but very powerful and light on any type of server, in particular if we need to add and manage multimedia content.

Builderengine is another assisted CMS to create internet sites absolutely free and with zero programming knowledge.


Other interesting CMS can be viewed in our dedicated guide -> Best CMS and free platforms to develop a website.

These programs are quite simple to use, even if at some moments a minimum knowledge of HTML may be required to continue or to get the desired result.

If, on the other hand, we don’t want a completely integrated system that allows us to create and manage a site with just the mouse , without ever having to touch a line of code, we recommend continuing reading with the second chapter, where we have collected the best platforms with which to create a site without the aid of external programs or programming codes.

2) Webdigitalmediagroup programs to create websites

The best Webdigitalmediagroup apps for making a website from scratch from scratch without HTML and CMS knowledge are:

Webdigitalmediagroup allows you to create a website,You can choose various themes, organize the pages and there are so many options to let me say that it is the best platform to create websites on this list.

It also allows you to have free hosting on which you can support your site as soon as it is done, otherwise you can save it with the appropriate option always free of charge and host it by buying a domain.

WeeBLy is certainly the most valid online program ever for small company portals.

WiX , which is widely spoken in another article, is a website creator that allows anyone to design the graphics of a website.

Its greatest advantage is its ease, in fact the whole construction of the site takes place via Drag & Drop .

The Wix pages are all in HTML5 and therefore perfectly compatible with modern standards in terms of layout and content (for example we can create a site that automatically changes resolution and layout if played on a smartphone or tablet.

With Wix you can either create a new site, or create widgets to integrate into an existing site.

Wix is ​​probably the best online program to create absolute websites.

Jimdo Free is a platform in Italian to create a website without any cost and with a simplicity that allows transforming even beginners into webmasters.


All formed in Widget, the site is built with mouse strokes with drag & drop; excellent clear and clean service, widely used in Italy, it also allows you to write a blog and sell products by creating an online store.


Jimdo is perhaps the best to create a sales site. is very easy to use and you can design web pages in a few minutes .

With the simple press of buttons you can add photos and images or create the platform for a forum or a sales site.

The best thing is the themes and templates that the site offers, very accurate and attractive, optimized for smart phones and tablets.

With Webs, which is also in Italian, you can safely buy top-level custom domains.

Yola is the heir to Synthesize, one of the most famous web platforms for creating sites from scratch, for free and without the need to know programming languages, including HTML.

The construction of the site is based on the technique of drag & drop, and you can make web pages by adding photos, videos, texts and drawn elements.

In reiterating that with these tools it is possible to make a perfect and complete site, comparable to the beautiful ones made by professional webmasters, for those who wish, it is emphasized that Yola is ideal for creating professional sites to present or sell products and services.

Web node serves to create a personal website, in full Web 2.0 style, without resorting to programming languages ​​HTML, CSS, PHP and the like,

With Web node you have a powerful tool for creating extremely complete and professional websites.

The administration panel is simple, immediate and well configured and the creation takes place using a toolbar and through the typical drag & drop..

There are over 40 templates to choose from for the site’s graphics.

The band is limited in the free version.

Strikingly is another very simple and free online program, great for making a site quickly, even if it may lack some advanced functionality.

The creation wizard is simple and very intuitive, with many models to choose and modify at any time, even before publication.

The free plan has a band limited to 5 GB which is a lot to start with.

Jigsy is a free web editor with which you can create your own website without struggling too much and without sacrificing quality.

With Jigsy you get an editor all drag and drop, responsive models optimized for tablets and smart phones, the possibility of creating all new models, modules for the sale of online products, SEO optimization, statistics, space for photos and videos, possibility to add a domain customized.


Imcreator is a beautiful free platform to create personal websites in a super easy way, with the choice of customizable and already optimized templates.

This online program is excellent especially for creating sites with images and photographs.

Site123 is one of the best online programs to make a website on your own and with ease, which provides a free platform to start with, where you can upload pages and files up to 500 MB, with 1 GB of bandwidth per month.

When the site becomes more visited, you can upgrade to 10 euros a month.

The creation software is really intuitive, full of elements to add, including excellent live chat to include to be contacted by site visitors.

However, there are no models already made to start with, so we start from scratch.

Simple site offers a free program to make a simple website, which works very well even using the Smartphone, ideal for busy users who are always on the move.

Google Sites offers the possibility of creating a website without writing HTML code, using the mouse as you would on any PC program, even creating the mobile version of the site (the site will be responsive, ie it will automatically adapt to the screen of smaller dimensions).

In another article we saw how to create a blog on, which combines the CMS of the same name and also offers a Web space to create a beautiful and personalized site on it, both for free and for very competitive prices.

Other interesting sites to create new sites can be found on the guide for the easiest ways to create a free personal site .

3) Conclusions

Creating a site is, after all, simple, even if you know nothing about HTML or other strange codes: the sites obtained may not be extraordinary quality terms, but to start it can definitely be a good solution, especially if we are in a hurry and we don’t have enough funds to hire a Web Designer.

If you have a minimum of familiarity with the PC and with the simplest programming languages, the best solution is to choose one of the free hosting websites and use a customized CMS to make your website unique.

In another article we saw the best free program to create websites and design web pages directly from the PC.

In any case, let us remember that it is always useful to know the basic HTML tags , easy to keep in mind when working with websites.