Blog And News: What They Are And How To Use Them

Blog And News: What They Are And How To Use Them

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What are a blog and a news? In this article let’s try to understand the differences to make the most of all the potential!

What is a Blog?

The Blog is nothing more than an online diary and – usually – contains insights.

Who likes insights? Without a doubt, to Google .

But not only: in addition to search engines, users (or your potential customers) are also interested in this information. Proving themselves prepared in a specific way generates authority!

The more you write, the more you show people that you are competent and authoritative.

What is it for?

In summary, a well-crafted Blog is essential for :

  • Create authority
  • Confirm your specialization
  • Place the site on Google
  • Group the topics with tags

As you will have understood, this page can only improve your site and improves its effectiveness and usefulness in proportion to the number of contents that you can produce.

Why – mind you – if you want to have a Blog you have to write (or find someone to write for you), you have no loophole, the “copy and paste” doesn’t work!

What, instead, are the News?

News and Blogs are completely different concepts .

These are the novelties: it does not mean writing an in-depth article, but reporting sector news on your site .

Unlike the Blog, having a News page serves only in very rare cases .

If you are not already a reference point for your profession, it is very difficult for a user to come and read this news on your site. The experts probably have already read these news on some other sector portal.

This concept is fundamental: many fall into the trap of believing that a page with interesting news can generate many visits, but unfortunately it is not.

Rather, you should use this content on the pages of your social networks.